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Aspen Laser





The Challenge

Aspen Laser, LLC is a manufacturer of class IV laser therapy medical devices along with sister company, TheraLight, a manufacturer of LED light therapy beds. They came to us wanting to utilize their two websites for their two brands, Aspen Laser and TheraLight, to increase their site traffic and generate more leads for their business, as well as launch a new website for scientific studies and educational content on laser therapy called Aspen University.



The ManoByte Team immediately set to work on improving the overall user experience on both websites with a full redesign and restructure of the site navigation. We focused on building buyer’s journey paths for their visitors and targeting keywords for their industry to help improve organic SEO rankings. We also conducted a content audit to sort out what materials to move to their new educational site and what to keep on their brand sites.

After the redesigns were complete and launched, we assisted Aspen Laser with content development and outreach by creating blogs for both brands as well as developing a monthly newsletter and assisting in writing and distributing press releases. We also conduct monthly SEO and site maintenance for all three sites.

Since the launch of the redesigned websites and implementation of regular blogging, Aspen Laser’s website has seen monthly sessions double, and in May of 2020, 77.6% of visitors came from organic search. Theralight’s monthly sessions have also doubled, with 57.08% of visitors coming from organic search in May 2020.



The Solution

At ManoByte, we act as an extension of our clients’ teams. With Aspen Laser, this meant going through a strategy and discovery process to not only understand their challenges and their buyers, but the patients their buyers serve and the highly technical nature of laser therapy. We used this information to craft their new websites and inform the content we continue to create for them. Working with two brands also meant developing different branding and messaging for both Aspen Laser and TheraLight, and we worked closely with Aspen Laser leadership on developing the distinct brands with colors, imagery, and content topics.

Developing thought leadership in the laser and light therapy industries is a priority for Aspen Laser. In addition to the Aspen Laser University site with case studies and educational content, the Aspen Laser website is designed with two paths to speak to healthcare providers and patients interested in the treatment. Blog content on both websites helps build Aspen Laser and TheraLight’s authority on the topics in their industries from the basic mechanisms of the therapy to emerging research and applications and medical device safety.