(How To + Template Plan )

Understand how indirect and direct stakeholders are influencing purchase decisions for construction projects. Plus, copy our Stakeholder Management Plan template to win more sales and decrease value-engineering losses.

Direct and Indirect Stakeholder Management Plan Guide

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Down with Reactive Selling

The objective of stakeholder management is to win the hearts and minds of influencers and key decision-makers. Doing this ensures demand for your product during the design AND construction phases of the months-to-years-long building process that your materials are a part of.

That's why we've compiled this guide and template to help your internal and channel sales reps

Learn how to sell to stakeholders given the "Rule of 10"

Identify ways to overcome value-engineering deal losses as a project moves from design into construction.

Copy the Stakeholder Management Plan Example and encourage your internal sales reps and channel managers to use the template to successfully close more deals.