Stakeholder Management

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(How To + Template Plan )

Understand how indirect and direct stakeholders are influencing purchase decisions for construction projects. Plus, copy our Stakeholder Management Plan template to win more sales and decrease value-engineering losses.

Down with Reactive Selling

The objective of stakeholder management is to win the hearts and minds of influencers and key decision-makers. Doing this ensures demand for your product during the design AND construction phases of the months-to-years-long building process that your materials are a part of.

That's why we've compiled this guide and template to help your internal and channel sales reps.

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Download the Guide

Learn how to sell to stakeholders given the "Rule of 10"
Identify ways to overcome value-engineering deal losses as a project moves from design into construction.
Copy the Stakeholder Management Plan Example and encourage your internal sales reps and channel managers to use the template to successfully close more deals.