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The call’s coming from inside the CRM…

Inbound Calling in HubSpot allows customer service reps to receive and place calls directly in Service Hub — with the customer’s contact record and history right in front of the agent. Remove friction by reducing customer frustration when your CSRs can see each customer’s complete history during the call.

Record and log calls in a contact record with Inbound Calling, and leverage that data throughout HubSpot for reporting, automation, and building on your team’s service skills for ultimate customer delight.



Benefits of Service Hub Inbound Calling

Receive Inbound Calls in Service Hub

Place Outbound Calls

Receive Inbound Calls to a Personal Device

Calls Received on HubSpot-Purchased Numbers are Automatically Logged

Have a Customer’s Entire Record Right in front of you during your Call

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Leverage Inbound Calling Data Throughout HubSpot

Use information from logged calls for automation, reporting, and conversation intelligence.


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 Include inbound calling data in reports

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Find your top customer service performers

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Identify gaps in your customer’s service journey

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Use inbound calling data to trigger automation and workflows

You don’t have to switch your contact center provider

Receive and make calls from inside HubSpot Service Hub without changing your contact center provider.

You might not want to transition your team to a new contact center if you’re currently using a separate customer contact center to handle inbound calls. Connect data flow through your contact center provider and Service Hub to leverage Inbound Calling and break down data silos for enhanced communication and service.

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Discover Amazon Connect + HubSpot Service Hub



Using Amazon Connect as your contact center provider? Coming soon from ManoByte: integrate Service Hub with AWS for the best of both worlds.

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