How to Close the Loop Between Marketing & Sales

Tie your leads, customers, and dollars back to marketing

Cut through marketing myths and reveal real data about your marketing efforts. Closed-loop marketing helps you identify the path your customers take from stranger to brand advocate, find high-performing site pages and content offers, and communicate marketing value to your boss.

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Take Your Analytics to the Next Level

Use this guide to take the blindfolds off and focus on actual results rather than fuzzy metrics. In this guide, you’ll gain:

  • A clear understanding of how closed-loop marketing works
  • Six tips on becoming a better marketer by closing the loop
  • Details on how to fix your loop if you spot something odd

Drive Conversions

Find high-performing content and adapt your site for conversions.

Understand Behavior Metrics

Connect lead behavior on your website to revenue.

Connect Marketing & Sales

Smarter marketing communication, smoother sales handoffs.