Our Approach

See how we’ll approach the challenges your business faces and work with you to create and implement a variety of channel management solutions.

Inbound Methodology from ManoByte


Attract | Engage | Delight

The inbound methodology can give your business the ability to leverage digital strategies and content in your marketing, sales, and customer service. At ManoByte, we approach all our work with your business with an inbound philosophy of Engage, Guide, and Grow to help you reach your business goals.


What You’ll Get Working With Manobyte

Account Manager

You’ll receive a dedicated account & project manager who will regularly communicate with you the progress of your project and keep things moving.

Marketing Strategist

You’ll have a dedicated marketing strategist who’s well-versed inbound and indirect channel marketing techniques to develop a plan to reach your goals.

Implementation Team

Our in-house team of dedicated experts implement applications and strategy, including custom web and portal development, graphic design, video, and content creation.

12-Month Marketing Plan

When you have a retainer plan with ManoByte, we develop a high-level 12-month marketing plan so you can see how your custom strategy will unfold in the long run.

Editorial Content Calendar

With inbound, content is constantly being created and optimized. With ManoByte, we’ll outline the content creation and optimization happening for you on a monthly basis.

Monthly Status Call

When you work with ManoByte, we’ll schedule monthly status calls with you to go over what we’re working on and receive any feedback or additional information from you to keep the project moving forward.

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