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Inbound Marketing
Strategy Development

At ManoByte, we understand you want your inbound marketing strategies clearly identified so you have a comprehensive understanding of exactly how the process will work.

Additionally, we will evaluate your current and potential branding policies and logo designs. This process defines and upholds a set of standards for your organization to ensure your online presence remains consistent and professional across all online elements of your brand.

We will also complete a content analysis for your organization. As you are probably already aware, everyone is talking about the importance of good content in today's online environment. That's because it's the key element in every successful inbound marketing process. Because of this, we use the strategy phase as an opportunity to evaluate all content for your organization. This helps to understand what type of content plan will need to be created or revised to target your company personas.

Ultimately, our Strategy Development services provide you with both the tools as well as the understanding of what's included in your unique inbound marketing process. After completing this phase, you will understand how we can take each marketing element, from your blog to site design to social media, and create a powerful, lead-generating machine.

We are a proud
HubSpot Gold Partner

The HubSpot partner means that you can count on us to deliver results! HubSpot partners are graded on CHI, which is a customer happiness index. In order to be a HubSpot partner you have to demonstrate results for your clients that makes them happy. Ultimately, customers are happy when we help them achieve their business objectives. So, as a HubSpot partner we are held accountable not only to you the client but also to HubSpot.

At HubSpot they have four primary levels of certifications available. Our team here has achieved all levels of certification.

During the Strategy Development process, we will review your complete digital marketing goals as well as the processes that will need to be implemented to accomplish these goals. We want you to have a solid understanding of the various elements that are working together to achieve your inbound marketing results.

We begin by creating the definitions of your specific company personas. Personas are the fictional life stories and photographs of your organization’s ideal customers’. These descriptions help to identify who we are writing content for, who is viewing your blog, who the audience is on social media and more. These personas will serve as a powerful tool in driving the right kind of lead traffic to your business.

This Strategy Development process also highlights the website redesign process in order to properly leverage the inbound marketing process. This service may include providing you with a complete redesign of your current website, or possibly just making changes to your existing one. Ultimately, we will uncover what your website needs to best leverage inbound marketing.

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