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Vista Springs Assisted Living





Project Details

Produced to be a guided tour of retirement living.
This video focuses on comfort and accessibility amenities of the retirement and care program.

At our Vista Springs communities, we are committed to providing a Full of Life experience for all of our community members. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing the absolute best care possible in the most comfortable and appealing spaces.

When a loved one comes to Vista Springs, they can expect the best cuisine made by world class chefs, engaging activities, and events that encourage social engagement, excitement, and much more. All this happens in a safe, comfortable, and beautiful place.

We invite you to come and visit us at one of our many Vista Springs communities to see how your loved one can transition to a new place that is truly Full of Life.

Project Details

A short piece for social media highlighting the personal perspective of what makes Vista Springs special.

Susan Krupitzer
Executive Director
Vista Springs - Macedonia, Ohio 

We have a wonderful, beautiful, butterfly piece of artwork that is in our entryway of Vista Springs, Macedonia. I invite everyone in to take a peek at that.

For those of you who don't know the story of the butterfly: many of us live our life trudging through working to make ends meet, just tirelessly working through our life. And that is typical of the caterpillar in the life of a butterfly. You are working, you are trudging through every day. 

Once you hit retirement, you are in this section of life that can equate to the butterfly in the cocoon. You've hit retirement - what do you do every day? You used to get up and every day you had a purpose. Now you are staying in your cocoon, staying in your home; many of your friends and families are no longer around. You are looking for that purpose.

Welcome in Vista Springs. You are now able to spread your wings and become that butterfly that you've always wanted to be - really live that life, live in luxury, really live that life that they've been meaning for - and let someone else take on the burden of the housekeeping and the laundry and the cooking. You really can fly.

You are no longer a caregiver - somebody is taking care of you. You can sleep in every day, you can pick what foods you want to eat. You can enjoy life-engagement activities whenever you want to. What did you use to do as an adult? Those hobbies never escape you. If you used to make cards and be creative and be artistic, those qualities haven't left you. We encourage our community members to find that within them and explore again.

Project Details

One in a series of introductory videos highlighting each retirement home location.
This video focuses on comfort and accessibility amenities of the individual apartments.

Individuality. Personality. And exquisite luxury.
Vista Springs, Holland Meadow's apartments are specifically designed to feature all three. Our grounds feature several spacious, private residence room designs, bright and spacious floorplans designed with handicap accessibility and safety, providing our guests and their families with peace of mind.
Each exclusive neighborhood apartment is enhanced with a fully equipped kitchen nook, individualized temperature control, and comfortable living spaces designed for ease and relaxation.
With each layout design and community option, community members can enjoy personalizing their individual private rooms to their own taste. Familiarity is promoted for your loved ones as we pamper them with comfortable and inviting environments suited specifically to their needs.
Vista Springs - luxury care combined with resort-style living.