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Thompson Remodeling




Project Details

The beginning of a series of testimonials for a remodeling and construction company.

This video introduces the Bertrand family and tells their story as a way to share what they loved about working with Thompson Remodeling.

The Bertrand Family -

Well, I think when we first moved here, we wished it was our old house. We had just finished our basement in our old house - we had probably been in there 6 months - before we had to move.

To come home to a flooded basement is awful. I would not wish it on anyone. It's one of those deals when, as soon as you open the front door, you're like, "Something is not right in our house!" You're like, "Now we've gotta rebuild it. Now we've gotta put it back to how we want."

We were coming up against the holidays. We had furniture throughout the house. We had a guest room upstairs that was packed jammed with boxes and stuff. And the big challenge was to let's get the project done so we could get our life back on track.

We moved here about 6 years ago from Olathe, Kansas.

So I initially learned about Thompson Remodeling on the radio and then, when I had a need for renovation, they were top of mind to reach out and contact them. We had ideas in mind and they did a really great job of listening to what our ideas were. For example, we're [originally] from Maryland and I wanted to have a representation of the Maryland flag over the fireplace. And, suddenly, that appeared in the design options. I had a favorite BBQ place and they looked up the website for that restaurant and incorporated that into our kitchen area. So there's little subtle approaches that built a connection and built trust and confidence with the team.

When they said they would be here at 10 o'clock to come and measure and bring their trades with them to inspect the basement, they were here at 10 o'clock. If I came home during the remodel, and I saw something that I had a question about - there were times on Friday evenings or Saturdays - I would get a response back. I've never dealt with a group that was so responsive.

They were all professional. The dog liked to greet everybody, and, some of them, I think my dog would miss when they went home for the day. They were so nice. I can't say enough good things about them. Very professional and just top-notch.

Every night they would leave and we would come down to check out and see what they did and how good it looks. You just couldn't wait to get down. 

They came up with things that we didn't even imagine. We didn't imagine the wood wall. We didn't imagine even the wood floor. Not only were we going to get what we wanted, it's going to be even better than what we had originally thought.

[In a project like this] You connect with people that you never interacted with before - We chose the right group to help us do our renovation.

Project Details

Second in a series of testimonials for a remodeling and construction company.
This video introduces the Lynn family and tells their story as a way to share what they loved about working with Thompson Remodeling.


The Lynn Family -

We moved here from the Detroit area. Basically, since the year 2000, I have wanted to renovate the kitchen. I think just based on going through the website and discussions with Ben, that's how we made the decision to go with Thompson.

When the project first started - it was our first-ever remodel - I was a little skeptical because I had heard lots of horror stories and we didn't have any of those experiences. When Ben came out to the house and sat down with us, he asked us questions like, "What would you change if you could? What functions are missing?" That really solidified it for me.

With 4 young kids, the kitchen got a lot of wear. And now, just with the change in the layout, we feel like it is one big space that the whole family can enjoy. 

I think any project like this you enter into, there's going to be things that happen - things that aren't anticipated. And I think the difference between contractors is how they respond to those. One of the good things about the whole timeframe is that Thompson Remodeling does a good job just laying all that out and so you know what is going to happen and when. 

The first thing that everyone says when they come around the corner is, "Wow!" because it is so different. It has made such a big change to the space.