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Independent Bank





Project Details

Promotional piece for Independent Bank showcasing family ideals and dedication to customers. 

 Our lives move fast. But, when you look at every change as an opportunity to make your own path, all it takes is one first step. From there, it's learning to walk, then run, and sometimes taking a leap of faith. When you take that step, you just might soar. 

Independent Bank  – Always Independent. 

Project Details

Video for Independent Bank introducing the advantages of their new online banking website.

With the launch of Independent Bank's new website, Banking whenever and wherever just got a lot easier. With some great new features you can access from both your smartphone and computer, staying in control of your accounts has never been so simple.

Access Online banking, business online banking, and more from anywhere on the site! Just hover over the login button on the top right hand corner of your computer. Or, on your smartphone, click "Login" on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

The new branch locator makes it easier than ever to find an Independent Bank near you. Search using your current location or address, check where specific banking services are offered, and even set your favorite location so that it's only ever one click away.

Becoming a part of the Independent Bank community is now easy and convenient with the handy new quiz that helps you select the checking account that's right for you. Try it today and see what benefits you might be missing out on.

Ready to see it in action? Head to independentbank.com to explore the new online experience. Because, wherever you are, always be Independent.

Project Details

Promotional video showcasing testimonials from Independent Bank employees.

Tania Mendez, Joe Detzler, Elizabeth Rose
Employees of Independent Bank

Tania: I was fresh out of high school, I didn't have any bank background, but I knew I wanted a career that I could grow in and a steady job.

Joe: I was going to college – I just needed a part time job. As I continued through school, saw the opportunities here and the great culture that we have, it was just so impactful and I never really had a desire to leave when I graduated.

Tania: Once I started here, my manager did a great job at making sure that I felt prepared and had the knowledge to feel confident– even if I didn't have all the answers at the time.

Elizabeth: When I started at the bank fourteen years ago, I didn't have any idea I was going to be working here for fourteen years. But, I've formed great relationships with people and have formed some life long friendships working here. 

Joe: Our employees here are not just numbers. Not only do we care about our employees and want them to be happy, but we care about seeing them succeed and we really want to do everything that we can to help an employee to succeed and be happy.

Elizabeth: I think it just goes back to Independent Bank really putting forth the effort to make me feel like I make a positive impact and that they need me to come to work every day.

Joe: Everyone is genuinely kind. Everyone genuinely wants to get to know each other and work so well together– and that has been so profound. We are truly a different culture– one that makes us special and different than what else is out there.