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Example of the ManoByte Design Process. Features a ManoByte client and their journey of designing their website.

At Manobyte, design is really all about you. Property Tax Consultants was built on honesty, hard work, and a handshake by Jon Aylsworth in 1989. Today his son, Jack partners alongside him and together they are launching their brand forward. When it came time to develop a new website, Jack’s main focus was to stay true to his dad’s business philosophy.

We worked hand-in-hand with Jack to develop a sleek, modern design based on the Property Tax Consultants' established brand identity. We refreshed their existing brand colors and logo, creating wireframes and mockups of the new site. Using INVISION we created a clickable prototype that Jack was able to experience while the site was being built.

Ultimately, our goal was to take Jack’s input and create a truly unique web design through personalization and local photography. Most of our work was structuring the content PTC had built over the years into something that was approachable and accessible. Jack’s feedback and ideas were incorporated at every stage so he knew he was getting exactly what he was looking for, even if he didn’t always know what that was.

It's a special moment when the final site goes live and a client is able to see how everything beautifully fits together to represent their brand.

We want to build you the website you hoped for but never dared expect.

Project Details

Statistics Video -

50% of mobile traffic is video.
78% of those people watch online videos.
55% watch videos daily.

The PLAY button is the most compelling call to action.

Video on the landing page of your site makes you 53% more likely to show up on Page 1 of Google.


  • Increases click-through rates by 65%
  • Reduces Unsubscribes by 23%
  • Gets shared 1200% more than links and text combined

54% share work-related videos with their co-workers.

More than 50% of those in the U.S. who daily visit Facebook watch at least 1 video.

The word VIDEO in a subject line boosts open rates by 19%.

Marketing professionals all over the world consider Video to be the type of content with the best ROI.

Project Details

Stopmotion piece designed with hand-drawn elements and voice-over.

A tribute to one of August's lesser known holidays:
What Will Be Your Legacy Month

Depending on from where you hail, no matter the flavor, some call it "Soda," some call it, "Pop," and some call it the ever infamous, "Coke." When he invented the Coco-Cola recipe, John Pemberton believed he had created a formula which, "...someday will become a national drink." It's pretty safe to say, he did.

August is an extra special month to celebrate legacies. On August 28th, comic book fans celebrate the life work of Marvel Universe co-creator Jack "the King" Kirby. 

Here at ManoByte, we come alongside business to help capture their unique story and build a legacy that will last for generations to come. As entrepreneur Steve Saint once said, "Your story is the greatest legacy that you will leave your friends." A legacy isn't something that suddenly appears years and years from now - it is something that we start developing now. We start it today.

What will your legacy be?