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Beer City Metal Works and Construction




Project Details

Demonstration of an effective interview under b-roll structure while incorporating elements of the community to give context to the brand. This video showcases the founding and passion of the client's business.

I grew up with a passion for construction - following in my father's and grandfather's footsteps. I liked what I did, but I didn't love it; work was work. And then Beer City happened. It all started with the Michigan Beer Flights. It was an idea my wife had. Decided to make some sample runs out of stainless steel. People saw them and they really liked them.

We then started showing them to breweries and distilleries around the area. About 9 out of 10 distilleries we talked to had needs far beyond just beer flights. Whether it was custom shelving or outdoor patio space, further expansions or even signage, we knew we could do it all. So Beer City Metal Works and Construction has become your one-stop-shop general contractor if you want to start your own distillery or bar.

We didn't want to be just another general contractor or metal fabricator on a list of 10 others that people can use. We already were that. We wanted to be something different. We knew we could be something different. And we wanted to work with people who were just as passionate about their work as we were.

We are Beer City Metal Works and Construction.

Project Details

An interview-driven community bio about Grand Rapids as Beer City USA.

This video highlights how the client is more than just the local industry; they are a strong part of local culture as well.

Back in Massachusetts, there's a map on the wall that shows all the breweries in the United States. But, for central Michigan, there's a little circle that blows up and it's like, "Here's all the breweries for this area" because they couldn't fit it on the map.

So many of the breweries, they support local farms, they hire people who live right in their neighborhoods. And it's been really awesome to use Michigan barley that been malted in Michigan. We know, just from the latest economic study that's been done by Experience Grand Rapids, that it has had an over twelve million dollar impact on the city. 

It's been pretty crazy growth rates, whether it is a glass manufacturer, to a t-shirt manufacturer, to people who put in brewing equipment or build the buildings around the industry. Or even companies that have the capabilities to fixing equipment when it breaks. Rather than shipping it off, we can have it fixed here locally. That's big.

That is something I see breweries doing all the time - they are absolutely committed to local preference. 

We are proud to be a part of Beer City culture.