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Customer Experience

Thinking of Putting Chat on Your Business Website?

By Amy Post | August 7, 2018
Website chat services have now become almost an expected part of any website you visit. You know, the little bubble that sits on the right lower corner of your browser, providing access to answers at any moment a question may arise. They’re ultra-convenient, and perhaps sometimes even a little aggressive, but they present a massive opportunity to service your prospects and current customers in a format many of today's website visitors prefer, and quite frankly, expect these days.

Customer Experience

Why You Need a Knowledge Base on Your Website (And What to Put in it)

By Amy Post | July 24, 2018
If you’re looking for a way to decrease the amount of customer support calls your business receives and provide an enhanced support process for your customers, a knowledge base is the perfect solution. Truth is, today’s customers don’t really want to talk to your support representatives after all. In fact, Forrester reports that 70% of them would prefer to simply log on to your website and get the answer for themselves. That’s where the need for a company knowledge base comes into play.

Customer Experience

How to be a Mobile-Friendly Customer Support Provider

By Amy Post | July 19, 2018
Today’s customers have high expectations for the companies they do business with. Reason being, we now have the world at their fingertips with 90% of us carrying smartphones in our pockets or purses at all times. When customers or prospective customers need an answer or a resolution to their problem they want it now, and usually, from their mobile device. Stats prove it too, with 63% of US adults reporting they use a mobile device to access customer service departments a few times a month. However, only 10% of those reporting positive experiences from those interactions. This shows we’ve got some serious problems out there when it comes to mobile-friendly customer support. So, here are a few suggestions of ways you can fix it for your business:

Customer Experience

20 Important Customer Service Stats You Need to Know in 2018

By Amy Post | July 13, 2018
Customer service should be a key element of all business processes. But customer service as a whole is experiencing dramatic changes as your clients do more and more of their research and problem-solving online. Does your business know how you should be adapting your customer experience processes for today’s digital-savvy buyer? If we can’t convince you, maybe these 20 new stats regarding modern-day customer support will help you to reevaluate your current customer service approach.

Customer Experience

Want More Engaged Prospects and Customers? $5 Might Just Do the Trick.

By Brenda Stoltz | July 9, 2018
Like most marketers, you’re faced with daunting challenges on a daily basis. Your webinars need more attendees. Your company demands more referrals. Not to mention you also crave a more engaged customer base.

Customer Experience

5 Tips for Aligning Customer Support with Sales & Marketing Teams

By Amy Post | July 3, 2018
We’ve heard it over and over again, how important it is for your sales and marketing teams to align with each other for maximum results and growth. But what about those customer support teams? Don’t they play a pivotal role in working with your biggest marketing and sales asset, your clients? Studies continue to show the importance of your current customers in effective business growth strategies, but yet very few companies report a strong alliance between their sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

Customer Experience

What's The Future of The Phone in Customer Support?

By Kevin Dean | June 27, 2018
Call centers, perhaps they should more aptly be named "discover your inner hulk centers." Arguably the most frustrating part about call centers is that no one seems to pick up the phone, leaving customers stuck on the eternal loop of listening to terrible automated messages or music that is worse than elevator tunes. In a move that is fitting of the Comcast renaming branding fiasco of 2010, call centers are now being renamed contact centers. The question that remains is, "does the name change really mean anything for the future of phone support?"

Customer Experience

Helpful Tips for Servicing Customers with Disabilities or Special Needs

By Kevin Dean | June 26, 2018
Customers with special needs or disabilities represent a large percentage of today's consumer population. According to the ADA, over 50 million Americans have a disability, which means that approximately 18% of the population are navigating the effects of some form of disability or special needs. With the U.S. Department of Labor estimating that this population segment has around $175 billion in discretionary spending power, it's a market your business can't afford to overlook.