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Business Growth

How to Grow Your Business by Fixing a Toxic Culture

By Emily Neier | October 9, 2018
Whether it’s one bad apple that spoils the bunch or a list of multi-dimensional causes, a toxic culture puts the whole company at risk. Low employee engagement and toxic culture in the workplace is linked to lower productivity and higher employee turnover, which are emotionally and financially costly for your organization and your employees. But cutting these costs isn’t easy. What can you do to start improving your company’s culture—and in turn save money and headaches.

Business Growth

Planning a Digital Transformation for your B2B Business? Here’s Some Help.

By Amy Post | October 4, 2018
Believe it or not, there are still a lot of B2B companies still out there today who haven’t adapted their marketing strategies to a digital audience. Sure, these businesses might have that website they built in 2008 living out there on the internet, but it serves more like a glorified business card and is a far stretch from truly taking a business to market online.

Business Growth

How to Get Upper Management on Board with Marketing Automation

By Emily Neier | September 20, 2018
You know the higher ups at your company are busy, and they’ve got a lot on their plate to think about—but so do you, and you know that a new marketing automation software can take some of the strain off everyone. Increased marketing-qualified lead (MQL) generation, improved lead nurturing strategy and audience segmentation, more transparency and harmony between your marketing and sales teams; all those lead to more closed deals and higher customer retention, and that’s something everyone at your company can get behind. But before you can make everyone’s lives a little easier (and your customers a little happier), you have to get upper management on board. The following are some tips on how to show your boss why your company’s marketing and sales teams need an automation platform.

Business Growth

Need a New Website and a Marketing Strategy but Having Sticker Shock? Read This.

By Amy Post | August 13, 2018
Here at ManoByte, we talk to a lot of people about their hopes and dreams for their business website, marketing, and growth strategies. Virtually everyone we speak with usually knows they need some additional assistance to effectively market themselves in today’s digital landscape. But, sometimes, we come face-to-face with a big challenge: the price.

Business Growth

What Do Employees Think About Purpose In An Employer's Brand?

By Kevin Dean | June 19, 2018
Purpose. It's such a simple little word, and yet we don't often see it explicitly listed on company 'About Us' pages. Sure, the mission statement is there, but this is typically a well-worded short sentence that leaves future employees wondering about the "who, what, where, when, why, and how." How is the mission statement achieved? Why is the mission statement the purpose of the company? When will the mission be achieved? What will the mission actually do for the global (or local) society, and does the purpose actually need to be tied into a societal contribution? Who will be a part of achieving the mission statement? These are the bigger questions that a company's purpose inspires within future employees and the millennial generation.

Business Growth

Is HubSpot Secure Enough for Regulated Industries?

By Kevin Dean | June 5, 2018
The HubSpot cloud-based software platform is well known for fluidly assisting companies in launching and controlling marketing campaigns. HubSpot can also help with managing sales processes and supporting customers’ ongoing needs. This all-in-one system provides businesses with the data required for strategic decisions in sales, marketing and customer service to support business goals and growth objectives.

Business Growth

10 Books The CEO and Executives Must Read to Help Their Companies Grow

By Kevin Dean | June 4, 2018
Learning and adding to our personal knowledge is integral to continued growth and development. As a leader, everyone in the company looks to you for strategic direction. Meaning you need to keep a handle on the market, the products or services you provide, while at the same time inspiring your employees and influencing the stakeholders.

Business Growth

Top 10 Tips for Successful Networking

By Kevin Dean | May 30, 2018
Good networking skills can open doors of opportunity that would have otherwise remained shut. It can also help you learn more about your field and industry than you could have discovered on your own, as well as putting you in touch with people who can help you succeed. If you are looking to give your networking skills a boost, here are the top ten tips for successful networking.  Would you rather watch our video podcast on this topic? Click below to take a listen!