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Why it Might Be Time to Re-Evaluate Your Blogging Strategy

By Megan Prangley | October 18, 2017
 In the grand scheme of the internet, blogging and inbound marketing are relatively young. Despite this, blogging strategies have changed quickly, every year brings new trends that marketers must pay attention to while creating their content strategy.


Why Your Mom Was Right About Citing Sources

By Allison Spooner | February 15, 2017
You’re not an expert at everything, but your Mom was, right? Okay, as adults we now know she probably wasn't right about EVERYTHING, but when she told you to, "give credit where credit is due," she was spot-on. The same goes when citing sources in your inbound marketing content. Using someone else’s words or swiping information from their page without properly citing that source is a huge internet no-no. Google doesn’t like it (duplicate content won’t rank higher than the source it was originally published on) and, frankly, it’s just bad form. So, feel free to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge available on the internet, just be sure you are properly citing any sources you use.


How to Properly Cite a Source Within a Blog Post

By Megan Prangley | August 1, 2016
Do you remember writing reports in school? Usually you had to adhere to strict MLA or APA format while citing the sources for any academic paper - the bane of students everywhere. Now, you’re writing a business blog where citations fall into a huge “gray area.” That’s right, the fear of plagiarism still looms over you as an adult! 

Inbound Marketing

Optimize Your Business Blog for Lead Generation

By Amy Post | March 24, 2016
You know that creating a blog for your business is one of the key elements to launching an effective inbound marketing strategy. But, as you probably know by now, gaining leads from it doesn’t happen without some work. You might be wondering how you go about doing this so you gain maximum results for your efforts. Well, one of the key elements is blog optimization.


Build Brand by Blogging and Skip the Big Budget

By Connie Bensen | February 26, 2016
  Would you like to build brand awareness but think that you don’t have the big budget to accomplish it? You don’t need a brand team and the deep pockets required to hire an agency to craft an amazing brand campaign for your company. I am going to outline the steps to accomplish it in a very effective and affordable way!  


Blogging Best Practices: How Often Should You Blog?

By Katy Allaire | October 28, 2015
Blogging is an excellent networking tool to help promote your business in a social media setting. Blogs allow you to inform your network of new trends in the industry, recently completed projects, new products, and sharing educational information. When posting blogs, it is important to follow best practices to maximize the reach of your information.


Blogging About Complex (AKA: Boring) Topics

By Amy Post | October 9, 2015
Our ManoByte team hears it all the time, comments like: "My company is far too complicated to write blogs about." "No one other than people in our industry understand what we really do." “We’re too boring; no one would want to read about us.” (My personal favorite)


Why is Blogging Important for Your Business?

By Gillian | August 11, 2015
While a mom might have a blog to chronicle the lives of her family and a photographer might have a blog to post the best shots from a recent photoshoot, blogging can seem superfluous if your company does not have something personal or glamorous to share.