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Success Stories

Independent Bank

When you choose ManoByte, you are getting a team that is professional, innovative and extremely responsive. ManoByte created our new responsive website, and it not only looks great visually, but the functionality of our new site is amazing. We have heard nothing but positive feedback since our launch. The ManoByte team is always there to help right away, and truly feel like an extension of our department. I have, and will continue to recommend them to my fellow colleagues.

– Tricia Raquepaw

Delivering Happiness

We love our new site and are truly grateful for the work the ManoByte team put forth to make it happen. Their customer service and web design skills were top notch. They went above the status quo to make sure we were satisfied with the end product. Thanks again for a great partnership and a great design that's already converting exceptionally well for our first 90 days!

–April Jones, M.S.


Fleet Logistics

We work with ManoByte on a small project and ManoByte has been one of the best vendors we've worked with so far. From their Sales and Marketing team to their Project Manager, Engineers - everyone has been very helpful, responsive, knowledgeable and accountable. Friendly & professionalism - a rare combination but you will find it with ManoByte.

– Thuong Tran


Via Design

Before working with ManoByte, our firm did not have a marketing platform to speak of. Now, we have a marketing team and a better lead process and the promise of continued growth.

– Aricka Gannon

Hill DT

We are early in our Manobyte journey with Kevin, Lauren, Amy and the team. They have been a huge asset with their knowledge of the buyers journey, their ability to quickly learn our medical market place and buyers persona. We are excited and optimistic about the growth path we are on to reach our goals. Also, the metrics for decision making makes the process more of a science which is something we really enjoy. I highly recommend Manobyte.

– Jeff VanderWal

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