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Lead Scoring Services

5 Lead scoring services
don’t want to waste time with unqualified leads;

how can I see who’s a best fit for my business’s products and services?

At ManoByte, we know not every lead is the same. We can set you up with the HubSpot Sales Hub and leverage its lead scoring function to help you identify who’s a good fit and what they need next to move through the buyer’s journey.

3 Predictive lead scoring
HubSpot Sales Hub

Predictive Lead Scoring

The HubSpot Sales Hub tracks what emails your leads are opening, what links they’re clicking, and what they’re viewing on your website to generate how likely a lead is to make a purchase and become a customer. ManoByte can help you leverage predictive lead scoring so your sales team knows where a prospect is in the buyer’s journey—and what they’re ready for next.

Partner relationship management
HubSpot Certified


ManoByte is a HubSpot Platinum Partner, so we’re pros when it comes to their software. Our team of HubSpot experts can set up and show you and your team how to leverage all of the Sales Hub functions so you can set up automated and accurate lead scoring and watch the opportunities come in.