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Information sales reps can utilize

Custom Sales Content

3 Custom sales content
What do my customers want to know

before they meet with a sales representative?

In today’s information overload world, 57% of the sales process is complete before a buyer contacts a sales representative. At ManoByte, our team of content strategists and videographers will work with you to create sales content unique for your business to reach your target audience at every step of the sales process.

4 Case studies with power
Case Study


When ManoByte partnered with HillDT in 2017, we recognized a major gap in their sales content that was giving prospects sticker shock when they received proposals and pricing information. Our team worked to fill these gaps with email workflows, landing pages, and video that gave prospects more information about HillDT’s product, decompression therapy chiropractic beds, so they were educated on the specific benefits of their product before being given prices. Read the full study to see how ManoByte helped raise HillDT’s close rate 6% in just 4 months.

5 ManoByte Content
ManoByte’s Content


The ManoByte team partners with businesses in a variety of industries including financial services, manufacturing, automotive, medical services, and more. Our content experts are attentive to the detail of your mission and unique products and services to produce content that reflects how your company can meet the needs of your customers.