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Everything your partners need to close the deal


How can I keep my partners on the right track

when they’re talking to prospects?

Learning to sell a product is a process, and figuring out what works and what doesn’t can take awhile before new partners and sales reps become dynamite sellers. Collecting sales assets, call scripts, email templates, and legacy selling tips from top reps and partners into a playbook can cut down the learning curve and drive more sales.

4 Case studies with power
Easily Build

& Share Playbooks

Compile playbooks for your partners and distribute them through a central resource within your partner portal where partners can access them whenever they need it. Keeping sales playbooks in one place for all your partners also reduces the risk of outdated material getting used by mistake.

10 Sales pipeline management
Enablement Strategy Development

with Manobyte

Enablement is giving your partners the power to do more, and ManoByte can help you develop a strategy to target the aspects of business were your partners are struggling the most. We’ll work with you to develop the content, strategy, or platform that’ll empower your partners to succeed, bringing in more revenue for you and them.