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One place for all your sales content

Sales Asset Management

Sales Asset Management
Some of my partners are using outdated sales assets!

How can I make sure everyone has the right content?

Using outdated sales assets can cause headaches for you and your partner network. Keep everyone in the loop with a single database of sales assets your partners can access within their portal, and remove or replace content as new information and pricing takes its place.

8 Align your sales & Marketing team
Make Sales Asset Management


By keeping all sales assets in one central location in your partner portal, all your partners can access the same sales assets and you can easily replace and update old content to ensure everyone has the most accurate information.

5 ManoByte Content
Content Strategy

with Manobyte

ManoByte understands content instead just about pushing out blog posts. Digital content spans written, downloadable, social media, video, visual, and audio channels. Our team of content creators has the creative skills, the strategy knowledge, and the tools to develop engaging content for your partners, leads, and customers that’ll drive results.