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Stay on-brand without compromising partner recognition

Personalized Asset Creation

Personallized Asset Generation
I want to give my partners marketing support,

but I can’t provide unique assets for all of them.

There’s a lot of content out there, and coming up with those pieces that break through the noise is difficult when great content takes time—time you and plenty of your partners just don’t have. An agency can help reduce the stress on everyone and create those great pieces you and your partners can utilize.



Partners often run into a lack of expertise, time, or resources to create and run effective campaigns, but vendors can’t hold the hand of every partner for their marketing initiatives. Campaigns-in-a-Box are a complete marketing resource vendors can supply to their partners that contain anything from email nurture templates and copy to social media posts to signage that partners can customize with their logo and information to launch effective, approved campaigns.

5 ManoByte Content
Content Strategy

with Manobyte

ManoByte understands content instead just about pushing out blog posts. Digital content spans written, downloadable, social media, video, visual, and audio channels. Our team of content creators has the creative skills, the strategy knowledge, and the tools to develop engaging content for your partners, leads, and customers that’ll drive results.