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Meet the Sharks: Julius Rogers, Business Growth Representative

By Amy Post | July 20, 2018
We are nearing the end of our Meet the Sharks Series, and today we are pleased to introduce you to one of our newest Sharks, Julius Rogers! Julius serves as our Business Growth Representative, building relationships with companies both here in West Michigan as well as across the country who might be good partners for the ManoByte services.

Customer Experience

How to be a Mobile-Friendly Customer Support Provider

By Amy Post | July 19, 2018
Today’s customers have high expectations for the companies they do business with. Reason being, we now have the world at their fingertips with 90% of us carrying smartphones in our pockets or purses at all times. When customers or prospective customers need an answer or a resolution to their problem they want it now, and usually, from their mobile device. Stats prove it too, with 63% of US adults reporting they use a mobile device to access customer service departments a few times a month. However, only 10% of those reporting positive experiences from those interactions. This shows we’ve got some serious problems out there when it comes to mobile-friendly customer support. So, here are a few suggestions of ways you can fix it for your business:

Michigan Marketing and Technology Conference

Speakers Announced for the Michigan Marketing and Technology Conference!

By Amy Post | July 17, 2018
This October is the launch of the 1st Annual Michigan Marketing and Technology Conference at the CityFlatsHotel in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids. It’s a full day of keynote speakers and breakout sessions led by many of today’s leaders in the marketing and technology space. ManoByte is excited to be the Diamond sponsor of this exciting new event. Recently, the speaker lineup has grown quite considerably, so we thought we’d take a moment to highlight who you can expect to hear from.

5 Tips for Successful Co-Branding Within Your Channel Network

By Amy Post | July 16, 2018
One of the biggest challenges within many channel networks is ensuring the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is being adequately marketed through the channel of VARs (Value Added Resellers). The VAR usually has a lot of products and brands being resold through their business, so unless it is crystal clear what the OEM’s marketing plans and branding expectations are, the OEM is likely just another name from a list of vendors. That is, unless the distributor takes action within their marketing approach to ensure they are making the biggest impact possible to drive sales and growth through their channel. One of the key components of doing so is successfully branding the OEM through the channel.

Customer Experience

20 Important Customer Service Stats You Need to Know in 2018

By Amy Post | July 13, 2018
Customer service should be a key element of all business processes. But customer service as a whole is experiencing dramatic changes as your clients do more and more of their research and problem-solving online. Does your business know how you should be adapting your customer experience processes for today’s digital-savvy buyer? If we can’t convince you, maybe these 20 new stats regarding modern-day customer support will help you to reevaluate your current customer service approach.


How Video Can Help With Employee Recruitment

By Anna Noa | July 12, 2018
We’ve talked to you about the importance of video within your marketing strategies time and time again, and even if we’re sounding like a broken record, we still encourage you to utilize video whenever possible for your marketing, sales, and customer experience processes. The reason we are so adamant on this is because video content resonates best with today’s digital audiences, and that’s not just for sales and marketing, either. It’s also is a necessary element for your talent recruitment process. Recruiting agencies are now reporting 800% more engagement with job postings that have video embedded. And in today’s highly competitive job market, most organizations can’t afford to be put a step behind all those video-friendly job postings.

Channel Marketing

How Distributors Can Help Drive More Channel Sales

By Amy Post | July 11, 2018
As a distributor that sells exclusively or primarily through a channel network, it can often be challenging trying to drive new sales when you aren’t managing the sales people who are actually face-to-face with your customers on a daily basis. Because of this common disconnect between the distributor and the end user, it might seem challenging to implement strategies you can track, measure, and test for sales growth. In order to combat this issue, distributors must be equipping their channel with the right tools and processes to drive more sales. But what does the channel need, exactly?


Meet the Sharks: Ashley Haan, Operations Manager

By Amy Post | July 10, 2018
  Today our "Meet the Sharks" blog series continues with the one who keeps us all together, our Operations Director, Ashley Haan!