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Business growth Process

Manobyte's Business Growth

Methodology & Process

Our Methodology

ManoByte follows the inbound methodology which consists of four phases that are defined as: Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight. This process creates a remarkable customer experience through branded content and marketing strategies that will ultimately help your company grow.

Discovery & Strategy

During this phase, we will work with your team to build a foundation that will ensure your overall project success. We begin by documenting your business goals and objectives, then we outline and document these goals through strategic discussions with our team and key stakeholders from your business. The end result is an actionable, strategic roadmap that ensures alignment between your business objectives and project execution.

Foundation Development

With a strategy in place, we’ll get to work on building your project. Our development team will start on setting up any website needs from page building to custom integration work, and our business growth consultants and content strategists will dive into content creation and optimization. You’ll receive regular updates, and nothing is complete without your approval.

Campaign Management

We can help your team build and execute campaigns for your ideal customers, and you can watch the leads come in. With ongoing campaign management, we break down what we do for you each month—which can range from creating lead generation workflows and conversion path optimization to content strategy and creation.
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