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Indirect Channel Marketing Framework

Building, Maintaining, and Growing Your Indirect Distribution Network


Engage | Guide | Grow


Distribution partners and contractors—they’re not your employees, but they aren’t customers either. Your unique business relationship with partners is a little bit of both. You have to keep them engaged, and when you make changes to your process, they have to see the benefit in it.

Engage is about getting behind what your partners need to make sure your indirect distribution marketing strategy is helpful to them—especially when it’ll likely involve learning a new technology.

In the Engage Phase, we focus on:


Some of your partners have their own marketing team, while others might not even have one single person dedicated to marketing on their staff. These partners will have vastly different needs in terms of support for marketing campaigns, and partners who feel they get too little or too much support will eventually churn.

Guide is about utilizing through-channel marketing and inbound marketing best practices to give your partners the right amount of campaign support.

In the Guide Phase, we focus on:


Building a through-channel marketing plan or restructuring an old one takes a lot of resources and effort. Tying revenue back to the success of the program is vital for continuing the process. And the ability to adjust as buyer or partner behaviors change is important, too.

Grow is about revenue performance management that connects your distributor and contractor marketing programs to revenue growth.

In the Grow Phase, we focus on:


Transform your Channel

Leverage PRM Technology to reach customers through your indirect distribution channel.
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