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Health & Medical Services

Business growth solutions for medical device manufacturers


Digital Transformation for Health & Medical Services

The medical industry is loud, crowded, and highly-regulated. Getting seen and heard in today’s online landscape is difficult, but the right tools and strategy will connect your company with the right people for your products. In a regulated industry like medical, digital transformation can be challenging, but a knowledgeable and experienced agency can make the process smooth and manageable.

Marketing Automation

There’s hundreds of medical specialities, and your company is likely servicing more than one field. That means communication and marketing needs to be targeted to the different types of medical professionals your products help. Marketing automation times communications perfectly with your leads and helps segment your audience and personalize messages for each of your buyer personas.

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Generating leads through inbound marketing is a necessity in today’s digital buying landscape. HubSpot is more than a productivity tool. With a fully connected suite of productions for sales, marketing, and service, medical device businesses have more insight into their complete buyers’ journey.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Technology in business processes is increasingly crucial for medical device manufacturers, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps connect internal systems in a company to a central database that allows for accurate, real-time flow of information between departments. This gives companies an agile technology environment to work with that saves time, helps reduce costs, and fosters business growth.

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Cut Through the Noise in the Medical Industry

Combine the right digital tools with the right strategy to unlock your company’s business growth potential. At ManoByte, we’re experienced in working with medical device manufacturers and can help build and implement the strategy your business needs to cut through the noise.

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