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Let partners take the reins & grow your local reach with

Market Development Funding

How can I support my partners

who have their own marketing teams?

While offering marketing and sales collateral is crucial for smaller partners, some have teams to create great content on their own. These partners benefit from market development funds (MDF), or funding allocated to them in order to create campaigns to market your products. MDF also take some of the strain off your marketing team to focus on corporate campaigns and partners who need the extra creative support.

14 Expert Strategists
Don't let MDF

go to Waste

Complicated application processes and reimbursement policies are often barriers to partners utilizing funds vendors set aside for them. MDF programs are meant to produce ROI for you and your partners, so unused funding are opportunities lost. If you’re finding most of your partners don’t utilize MDF or the money just isn’t being spent, consider taking a second look at your program and where partners face roadblocks.

1 Marketing strategy development
Channel Development Strategy

with Manobyte

At ManoByte, we help you develop a channel strategy that’s unique to the challenges you and your partners face. Our team of expert strategists will sit down with you and make sure we understand exactly what you’re facing, and we’ll develop a solution for your business to succeed in the indirect sales world.