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How to Grow and Scale Your Business Blog

Increase the Reach & The Marketing ROI of Your Blog

How would you like to scale the impact of your blog so it makes an even bigger, better, and more powerful dent in your marketing results? There are 3 critical steps in Blog Marketing that this guide will teach you as being part of a cycle that keeps turning and giving. These 3 steps are: Getting your blog discovered, converting visitors into subscribers, and leveraging evangelists.

We also give you many free industry examples to refer to and help you on your way to growing and scaling your business blog to a successful marketing galaxy!In this FREE eBook, we teach you how to go beyond the business blogging basics and find out how to significantly grow and scale your blog’s reach.

If you want to measure your way to success, you need to know how you define success. That means taking a hard look at your digital marketing goals, which starts with knowing what those goals are. Of course, the ultimate goal for any marketing effort is to increase revenue. But not every digital marketing strategy is set up to do that in a direct way, so it is important to consider other goals as well.In this guide, learn how to create a metrics plan for your digital marketing strategy which will in turn force you to create goals for your marketing campaigns. We give you 8 Essential Digital Marketing Metrics as a starting point to focus on key areas of your marketing strategy. Including: ROI, Conversion Rate, Cost per Lead, CTR (Clickthrough Rate) just to name a few.

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