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How To Convert Leads To Customers


Luckily, many forward-thinking organizations are shifting how they manage their lead pipelines. They are leading the way into a whole new world of lead engagement – where the marketing team manages leads longer, using automation to keep them engaged. This new sales-marketing collaboration means that marketing nurtures leads longer, and uses analytics to know when they are ready to go to your sales team. We call this middle-of the-funnel marketing. As a marketer, middle-of-the-funnel marketing presents a huge opportunity. You’ll be having a bigger impact on your company’s bottom line, by generating and pushing more leads deeper into the sales process, helping to generate more business.So, how do you get started with a blog.There are 5 key fundamentals that are essential to writing, managing and engaging with your audience for a successful blog. In this FREE guide, we share our professional tips for creating blog posts that are “readable,” helping to grab the readers’ attention with interesting and eye-catching blog posts. The Fundamentals of Blogging also covers important topics such as: how to manage visitor comments including negative comments, and how to promote your blog across digital communications channels in order to drive traffic to your posts by advertising their content and value.

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