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Identify Your Customers' Exact Buying Processes

Buyer’s Journey Mapping

13 Buyer's journey mapping
What’s the benefit of mapping

my customers’ buying journey?

The goal of inbound marketing is to provide leads and customers with the information they need so they have a clear path to solving their problems. By understanding the process your customers go through when purchasing from you, you can identify what they need and meet them with relevant, timely content to answer their questions from lead to customer.

4 Case studies with power
Case Study


When HILL DT partnered with ManoByte in in the fall of 2017, they would receive a lot of proposal requests, but they struggled to maintain a close rate above 20%. We identified that HILL DT was missing content for the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey—leads still had pressing questions they wanted answered before being shown a pricing guide. ManoByte helped HILL DT with creating that content which, once launched, drove their close rate up 6% in just four months!

5 ManoByte Content
ManoByte’s Inbound


The entire ManoByte team is HubSpot certified in the Inbound methodology. Understanding the buyer’s journey is something we learn right away and use every single day in our work. When you work with us, you’ll work with a team whose knowledgeable in the theory of inbound and it’s practice in our respective specialties.