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Build a perfect representation of your ideal customer

Buyer Persona Development

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What can buyer personas

do for my business?

Buyer personas are models of customers informed by a company’s current customer base and the people that the company wants to be selling to. Buyer personas include demographic information about customers as well as their needs and pain points when it comes to your company’s product or services. By having buyer personas, a company can create content to address the needs of their ideal customers and better market to them. ManoByte can help your business develop these personas to start better conversations with the right people.

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Case Study


Our work with HEPACART started in 2014 with buyer persona development. Before we redesigned their website and started quarterly content initiatives, we worked with HEPACART to develop buyer personas so the whole team knew who the ideal HEPACART customer is. By basing all of our following work off these personas, we’ve helped HEPACART increase their website traffic, their lead generation, and their closed business.

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HubSpot Certified


ManoByte is HubSpot Platinum Partner, which means we’re one of the premiere agencies delivering HubSpot-centers inbound solutions. We’re inbound experts, and inbound starts with knowing who your customer is. We work with you to develop the buyer personas your company needs to start generating timely, relevant content that’ll bring the leads to you.