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Best Ways to Leverage ManoByte

Advanced CMS Development
Custom HTML Templates
CRM and CMS Migrations
CRM Customizations, Automations, and Integrations
User Training and Onboarding

Advanced CMS Development

Basic website development isn’t going to cut it for Enterprise sized customers that will make the biggest impact in your sold revenues. Further, overpromising and having a partner underdeliver is no way to establish a long lasting relationship with a customer. Value adds like customized systems pages, unique lead capture features, custom web app development, and integrated business operations tooling will make your prospect’s transition onto the HubSpot CMS painless. 

  • A typical full scale website development project takes 2-6 months and costs begin at $40,000. 
  • For a standalone custom web feature, development typically takes 4-12 weeks and costs begin at $5,000 per custom feature.
  • Change is a huge hurdle for large organizations. Offer custom internal tools that would solve for concerns that prospects have over internal process changes and employee change management in general. Starting at $5,000+ with a generally a few weeks turnaround time.
  • Custom web portals help every person connected to your prospect's business securely get the information and tools they need. Customer portals, partner portals, internal / employee portals, starting at $10,000+ with a 2-6 month turnaround time.

Solving for Advanced CMS Development?

Custom HTML Templates (Email & Web)

Have in your back-pocket the "yes, they can" answer you need to close the migration and implementation onto HubSpot CMS and Marketing Hubs.

$3,000 Custom Development Package; includes

  • 3 Custom Email Templates
  • 1 Custom Landing Page Template
  • 1 Custom Thank You Page Template
  • 1 Blog Template

Additional services can be added as necessary. Contact for Delivery Timeline

Change is hard. Especially when the change is perceived as unnecessary or worse, detrimental to the brand. Such is the case when an email layout from moving into HubSpot from another system like MailChimp, Pardot, Constant Contact, etc is unexpectedly causing friction between decision makers. To have a HubSpot partner you can recommend for creating custom HTML templates can be the difference between "Closed-Lost" and "Closed-WON". 

Prospect objections to the CMS migration upon hearing special website features - like mega menus, lightbox features, advanced sorting & filtering, existing third-party integrations and more - will not be migrated during the standard HubSpot led migration can likewise be overcome in less than a minute.

Sometimes, it's not the prospect of change that is bugging a prospect, but the opposite! For those prospect who want to see some changes while migrating to the CMS, you can offer the same package through ManoByte.


Need Custom HTML Templates?

CRM and CMS Migrations

It’s all in the details.  Whether it’s a CRM Migration or a CMS Migration, the ManoByte team is meticulous to document each change for a seamless transition onto the HubSpot platform. Depending on the size of the site, ManoByte can complete a full website or CRM migration in as little as 1-3 months and for $30,000 and up. 

We have successfully onboarded hundreds of businesses and thousands of people onto the HubSpot Sales Hub. Our depth and breadth of knowledge regarding HubSpot’s capabilities, sales enablement strategies, and third-party integrations allows us to comprehensively advise our shared customers.

We know what questions to ask clients and what NOT to assume during a migration. 

CRM Customizations, Automations, and Integrations

It's one thing to migrate existing CRM structures into the HubSpot platform. It's an entirely separate matter to discover the best way for a customer to leverage the powerful features of HubSpot to improve their organization.

When it comes to connecting third-party platforms, existing business tools, and the people managing it all daily, we're all about finding the existing or custom solution necessary to get to "Yes!"

Solve for the Customer

User Training and Onboarding

Partners who can use the CRM well for themselves can’t necessarily onboard other businesses to the HubSpot Sales Hub well.

Consulting, teaching, and training are passions of ours. View rates here for HubSpot Onboarding and Professional Services including Implementation, Data Migration, CMS Development, and Integrations across HubSpot Starter, Professional, Enterprise, and Advanced Hubs.

Win a Longterm HubSpot Customer

Bargain Hunt Case Study

The Need

When Bargain Hunt engaged with HubSpot’s direct sales team, they had an urgent problem and a big picture problem.

The urgent problem was to migrate 150,000 contacts off of Emma’s email marketing software before their annual renewal date that was a mere 30 days away from the anticipated close date.

Their big picture problem was their website. It was holding them back as a business and it was past time to get up to speed with modern web applications and contact management strategies.



HubSpot clearly had the right TechStack to solve for both of these problems so the primary need was to find the right enterprise level HubSpot Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and CMS Hub implementation partner.

This implementation partner needed to:

  1. Have a proven track record implementing Enterprise level HubSpot features seamlessly for complex business processes
  2. Have the availability to implement quickly
  3. Have experience working with customers in the retail space.
  4. Have the sales prowess necessary to prove HubSpot’s value to Bargain Hunt before the implementation engagement even began.

ManoByte fit these four qualifications and even carried to the table bonus experience migrating large companies off of email marketing platforms, including Emma. For these reasons, ManoByte was the first and only partner HubSpot’s Direct Reps had to reach out to in order to keep the sales conversation moving at breakneck speed.



To reduce the risk of sales disengagement and increase the time to closing, HubSpot chose to loop ManoByte into the sales process early, during the Discovery phase.

This allowed the major implementation concerns and risk-aversion questions to be answered from the outset by ManoByte’s team. These answers substantiated that the transition to HubSpot would be the right business decision for Bargain Hunt to make.

Even when a HubSpot sales rep change was made due to an internal promotion, ManoByte’s inclusion in the entire sales process filled the gap and reduced risk of deal loss while a new agent was brought up to speed.

From start to finish, the sales process took about 9 weeks and ManoByte was able to deliver on a couple week migration window out of necessity for Bargain Hunt.

The annual MRR is expected to be $60,000 per year, with known contact limit increases to add to that amount moving forward.

Strategy & Development

The initial plan would be as follows:

  1. Weeks 1-2: Data Migration, Property Alignment, and CRM Configuration from Emma to HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise
  2. Weeks 2-4: Custom Email Template Development
  3. Weeks 2-12: Advanced Website Development using HubSpot CMS Hub, including customization of ManoByte’s FindIt App to develop a Store Locator website feature.

Everything followed the timeline above except the website build. Instead of taking until week 12, the build was completed by week 8 and launched early, much to Bargain Hunt’s delight. 

After launching with HubSpot’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration, Bargain Hunt was missing a few key functions and started manually importing the data. When ManoByte’s team heard they were doing this, we immediately offered to build them a custom integration that would be a bit more robust to account for their specific needs.

This offer further delighted Bargain Hunt about their decision to migrate to HubSpot.

We continue a marketing strategy and implementation engagement with the Bargain Hunt team to optimize existing programs and to take to market new initiatives.

Before & After

Before their migration from Emma to HubSpot, Bargain Hunt's email marketing efforts were disconnected from other campaign efforts and reporting. After migrating onto HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise, their team could painlessly launch, analyze, tweak, and repeat their email marketing touch points based on clear data and buyer segmentation.

Before their website redesign onto HubSpot CMS, their digital storefront wasn't helpful to customers. Their store locator didn't work and the value proposition of Bargain Hunt's existence was unclear. Their new website solves for all of that. 

With their new Brand Style Guide, Bargain Hunt looks like their ideal customer, too. Slide the arrows left and right on the following images to compare their original website pages to their new website pages.


Bargain Hunt Store Locator Before Website Redesign By ManoByte

In Other's Words

“All I can say about the website is WOW, what a change. Really awesome work.” - Elle Midey, Head of Corporate Sales, HubSpot

“The site looks awesome and it's so cool to see the progress you all have made in such a short period of time. Thanks for being a fantastic HubSpot partner throughout both the pre-sale process and continuing on now that Bargain Hunt is a customer!” - Roxanne McCool, Corporate Account Executive, HubSpot

“I've never questioned your team's ability to deliver, but I'm especially impressed with the speed here. I know how critical "time to value" is in the partner/client relationship and I've gotta imagine this has far exceeded BH's expectations.” - Robert Barnes, Principal Growth Specialist, HubSpot


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Add to Your HubSpot Arsenal


Partner Portal App

Partner Deal Registration and Channel Management HubSpot Sales Extension



HubSpot PDF Generator

Print & Download PDFs of Form Submissions Within HubSpot


FindIt App

Product Locator App, Dealer Locator App, Contractor Locator App, Independent Sales Rep Locator App, You Name It, You Can FindIt.


Round Robin

Easily Automate Your Sales Lead Assignment Processes WITHOUT Having HubSpot Sales Enterprise.


Delightful HubSpot Implementation

We pride ourselves in making the sale that much easier for you, delivering on the plan at lightning speeds, and identifying additional ways customers can leverage HubSpot to scale their business. "Yes, and" is our go-to attitude because we have the will to find a way. If that's the kind of implementation partner you're looking for, contact us.

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