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Grow sales & drive up partner engagement with

Incentives & Rewards Programs

Incentives Rewards
How can I build incentive programs

that are enticing to my partners?

Everyone loves winning prizes, but when it comes to partner incentive programs, the rewards have to be worth the work to get them. And while cash bonuses are nice—partners might feel more incentivized by rewards like marketing material support, discounts on future orders, or even exclusive sales rights to a product line for being a top partner.

9 Sales Enablement
Measure Success with

Real-Time Partner Activity Data

Avoid setting the bar too high and make sure your incentives and rewards are attainable by measuring partner activity in your partner portal. Track partner averages and create leaderboards so you can build incentive programs that encourage partners to reach a little higher instead of putting rewards entirely out of their reach.

1 Marketing strategy development
Channel Strategy Development

with Manobyte

At ManoByte, we help you develop a channel strategy that’s unique to the challenges you and your partners face. Our team of expert strategists will sit down with you and make sure we understand exactly what you’re facing, and we’ll develop a solution for your business to succeed in the indirect sales world.