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by Gillian
on October 16, 2015

Inbound marketing is a team effort. But is your whole team speaking the same language?

As you know by now,  HubSpot's State of Inbound 2015 is up and ready for reading. If you want to know what's going on in the marketing world -- including how inbound continues to surpass outbound marketing in popularity and results -- then you should read it right now. Because you know your boss is going to and if she gets to it first, that could spell trouble for you.


Here are a few reasons why:


Your boss hates being left out.

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More than 75% of marketers in B2B, B2C and Nonprofit positions bank on inbound marketing. That means if you're not on board you are totally being left behind. It might not be quite as bad as not being invited to happy hour, but it's still pretty bad.


Your boss wants more leads.

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Across industries, the number one priority for marketers was generating more leads and increasing conversions, with more than 65% of all companies marking that as their top goal for the year. If your boss wants more leads, you can bet he won't have a problem making you work the weekend to get them if he has to. Better to understand inbound marketing now and keep the weekends for yourself.


Your boss has an eye on the budget.

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14% of companies surveyed said securing the budget for marketing activities was a top concern. We already know that inbound marketing can cost over 60% less per lead than outbound strategies, so it's no wonder that your boss would want to keep budgets in check by going all in on inbound.


Your boss is the boss.

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Top executives are more likely to favor inbound marketing that lower level managers. Don't give your boss the chance to look smarter than you. Inbound marketing works and your whole team should be on the same page.


Your boss doesn't want to hear your excuses.

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There's no reason not to read the State of Inbound 2015 right now. It's a lot easier than trying to explain yourself later.