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by Gillian
on May 16, 2013

In 2013, there were a lot of marketing channels. Like, a lot. Any good marketing strategy takes this into account and allocates marketing dollars to those channels that are most effective, whether that means social media marketing, television ads, or even billboards. Sure, some channels are going to work better than others depending on the business. But I’m going to propose that no matter what your business: you should be email marketing. ManoByte is doing it. Everyone is doing it. You should be doing it, too.

A lot of people are understandably turned off by the idea of email marketing. No one wants the carefully cultivated, precious brand that they have created to be associated with that ugly word: SPAM. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, email marketing can help you to build your brand, improve your influence, and most importantly, create customers.

To put it simply, email marketing works. We’ve seen it work. Studies have shown that it works. A good email marketing campaign can be just as effective as direct mail or TV commercials. But if it’s only “as good,” you may be wondering, why use it instead of those other tested methods? That one’s easy. Email marketing is cheaper.

Think about it. If you want to put a commercial on TV, the barrier to entry is incredibly high, even for local ads. You have to write a commercial, find actors, a production company, an ad agency, and pay for the ad space. Even direct mail costs are not insignificant. But writing an email to your loyal customers, or to people who have already opted-in on your site? It costs basically nothing. There are even a ton of free programs that can help you make you marketing emails look pretty and professional. The less you spend on the actual marketing, the higher your return when it gets you customers.

But besides cost, you also have to consider another important marketing word, analytics. You can run analytics on marketing emails until the cows come home. Put a commercial on television, and you have no idea who is actually watching it. Send a piece of mail to someone’s house, and you don’t know how much of it is going straight in the shredder. But an email? You can find out who opens it, what links they click and follow the whole labyrinth of their experience on their site. This means you can make every new marketing email better than the last and tailor them specifically to different user groups.

The title of this blog post is meant to be a little jarring, but it’s also true. Is your business going to fold immediately if you don’t start using email marketing this instant? Probably not. But what is going to happen is you’re going to waste money on more expensive, more time-consuming, less flexible, and less effective marketing strategies. All of these things are going to have a bad effect on your bottom line. So tell me again, why aren’t you using email marketing?