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by Gillian
on August 11, 2015

While a mom might have a blog to chronicle the lives of her family and a photographer might have a blog to post the best shots from a recent photoshoot, blogging can seem superfluous if your company does not have something personal or glamorous to share.

So why is blogging important for your - and every - company? 

Having a blog can be useful for virtually any business. We use the ManoByte inbound marketing blog to communicate important news and info with our clients, share knowledge, and build our brand recognition. All of these purposes can serve your business, too. Keep reading to find out just a few of the concrete benefits that blogging can offer your company.


Search Engine Optimization can be one of the hardest concepts to grasp and ultimately perfect. But without an SEO strategy, your company website may be difficult or even impossible for your target customers to find. A comprehensive SEO strategy is a big undertaking, but there are some simple things you can do to improve your ranking for your most important keywords. One of the simplest is blogging.

Search engines give preference to sites that are constantly updating with new information, which is what a blog provides. When you have a blog that lives on your website (e.g., uses the same domain) and post information that is interesting to your core customers, you will be doing yourself - and your SEO - a huge favor.

Thought Leadership

People want to do business with companies that are not only experts in their field, but those that are actually leading the pack and innovating. A blog is a great place to display thought leadership in your field, no matter what that field is. You can use a blog as a place to post case studies, original research and findings, announce new products and offer insight into current issues in your industry.

Brand Building

When you think of many large companies, you probably have some immediate impressions that come to mind. Whether it's the quirky Scandinavian style of an Ikea, the nostalgic red of a can of Coke or the sleek simplicity of an Apple product, these brands are instantly recognizable not just for the things they make but for the feelings they elicit.

These companies have distinctive brands and it is what has helped them find and keep a place in consumer minds. A blog is a great way to establish and/or reinforce your company's own brand. You can blog about topics that are important to your company's core values, establish a voice for your company communications, and allow your customers and clients a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your operations, which can be very effective in humanizing your company.

Social Traction

Social media is another important part of a robust web presence and can be a great way to allow your happy clients and customers to spread the word about your company. Blog posts are perfect for generating social traction. Blog posts are easy to digest and easy to share so you can start generating leads in no time and keep them coming with every new post.

Blogging does take time and effort - either from your internal team or external inbound marketing agency - but the rewards you can reap are well worth it.

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