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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on July 27, 2017


Last week I found myself in need of some new umbrellas for our community pool. You know what I mean, those crank ones you can stick on a patio table that can tilt to block the sun? After that crazy storm came through West Michigan a couple of weeks ago, it took away all the ones we had, so I volunteered to help be a part of the replacement team with another neighbor friend. Out of habit, our first thought was to hit up our local retailers to grab six umbrellas in white or beige (I’ll spare you all the boring HOA details about the color part.)

However, it’s currently late July. Insert problem here. Stores are clearancing out umbrella’s, and there aren’t many carrying six umbrellas that aren’t in a bunch of different floral and striped prints. So, online we ventured, and within minutes we found six beige crank umbrellas with 522 reviews that resulted in almost a 5-star rating, so we were sold. Enter Amazon Prime, and we’ll have umbrellas at my house in two days - which is just in time to get them up before the busy pool weekend commences.

See what I didn’t even mention there? Oh yeah, the price. That’s because it didn’t matter as long as it wasn’t too cheap or too pricey. We wanted them fast, we had specific needs, and we knew we wanted a product other people were highly satisfied with.

This situation is much like customers everywhere in today’s more digital buyer’s journey - and yes, this even includes B2B buyers.

Here’s why:

Product or Service Content Matters, Big Time.

Today’s buyers want to know how other people felt about the product or service. And they want this through online content that comes in the form of either product reviews, testimonial videos, case studies or whatever else you can provide that comes from the mouth of someone else rather than you just touting how great your services are.

Convenience Matters a Whole Lot, Too.

Today’s buyer wants something fast, that’s why sites like Amazon and services like Shipt are taking over how we do shopping. If you can deliver quality services quickly, and your reviews or testimonials prove the speed won’t compromise the product, you’ll rapidly rise above those who cannot.

The Customer Experience Matters the Most.

This goes back to the importance of the content because if your buyers are sharing great stories and recommendations on sites like Facebook about your business, you are probably already winning at the customer experience. Word of mouth is stronger than ever because it doesn’t just happen over your afternoon coffee date, it's going on all over the internet. And yes, this matters even if you think your customers aren’t online.

In conclusion, you can take that umbrella example and transfer it over to almost any product or service. From those Google reviews that are front-and-center to suggestions made on that local manufacturing group on LinkedIn, the customer reigns supreme when it comes to the future of your business. Make them happy, and you will reap the benefits of business success for years to come.

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