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Megan Prangley
by Megan Prangley
on April 21, 2016

Think of some brands that are universally known, things you might use every day. What comes to your mind? McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Lays chips, Nike? These big corporations have succeeded in creating well-known, trustworthy brands. In the highly competitive marketplace, your brand helps you get attention where visibility is limited. Having a well-defined brand is crucial for business success in companies of all sizes. Without a steadfast brand, you will lose clients to competitors who have a more established presence. 


A well-developed brand is not a secret science; in fact, many successful businesses use inbound marketing tactics to develop their brand. With a few simple tips from this blog you can begin leveraging inbound methods to make your brand better. These marketing practices can help shine a spotlight on your brand, keep your efforts consistent, and retain more customers.

Inbound Utilizes Social Media to Build Brand Awareness

Makes your brand well-known

As you probably know, inbound marketing is dependent on content -- but that content is only as effective as the people that see it. Without having any social accounts to promote your brand, your website, blogs, offers, and other great content will not reach your buyer persona. Utilizing social media best practices as part of an inbound strategy allows you to put your brand in front of the right people at the right time.


Having uniform banners and profile pictures across all of your social sites is not only a best practice but a must-have to develop an easily recognizable brand. A clean and distinguishable brand on social media will help drive traffic to your website. Successful businesses have their logo, colors, and symbols on all of their social sites, but it doesn’t stop there! Make sure your blogs, eBooks, white papers, etc. all clearly come from you.  This inbound practice establishes you as a source of knowledge in your field and thereby develops your brand.


This image below from Twitter is an excellent example of branding and using content. Old Spice is highly recognizable on social media and has thousands of followers on Twitter. This image uses their colors, logo, and product description to help make their brand known. The humor shows off their personality and company attitude. If their logo and name was not clear, this post would be confusing for their followers.



Inbound Enhances Brand Consistency

Makes your brand steady and recognizable

Businesses can also successfully develop a brand through the inbound marketing best practice of utilizing a style guide. In all of your content and in any conversation with leads you want to make your brand consistent in tone, voice, style, typography, and feel.  This consistency helps flesh out your brand. Furthermore, make sure all of your employees have access to your style guide, so they know how to represent the brand and communicate with customers.


Part of having an easily recognizable brand is maintaining this consistency. This includes your social posting schedule, blogging schedule, and general response time. If you are consistently posting every day and then stop, your following will dwindle and your brand will suffer. Remember the Old Spice example? They do not post sporadically; they utilize social often.  Inbound practices such as blogging are useful when your brand is going through changes or shifts in strategy because you can use consistent content as a key part of your brand development strategy by letting your audience in behind the scenes and remaining transparent.

Inbound Increases Brand Loyalty

Makes your brand reputable

Delight is a part of the inbound methodology that many people struggle with. Remember, it is much easier to retain a customer than it is to start all over gathering new ones. Your brand will help ensure repeat business through brand loyalty. Use your content to make promotions, coupons, and contests to keep your current customers engaged. Below is an example from Taco Bell, whose brand is very well developed on social media. 




This simple poll gathered 6,838 votes and likely acquired many more impressions. Make sure that your brand delights your leads and customers to earn vital repeat business. Having a brand that inspires repeat customers is imperative for referrals and future business growth.


Having a steady brand is instrumental to your business success. If customers trust your values and product, you will have a much higher referral rate and more repeat customers. Developing your brand into something as iconic as the “golden arches” isn’t easy, but inbound marketing can help. Using best practices such as creating a style guide, consistent social posting, and customer engagement will help assert your brand to the front of your audience’s mind.