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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on March 7, 2008


This is the first post ever written by Kevin Dean, who remains the CEO of ManoByte today. He posted it back when our agency first began and he was the only employee. I'm updating it in 2017, nearly 10 years after it was written surrounded by a team of highly skilled marketing professionals. If you've landed here, we hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane, but we hope you'll join us over here instead after you do. And for those who are wondering about what ever happened to that yellow thing in the snow, he was right, the Yellow Book on your doorstep is now a thing of the past, finally. - Amy Post, Director of Marketing in 2017 for ManoByte. 

The snow is finally starting to melt here in Grand Rapids, MI after having a record-breaking 90 inches of snow. I cannot help but wonder why I am not in Hawaii, where my mom lives, surfing or scuba diving. My wife and I passed by our mailbox like we have done so many times over the past couple of months, we noticed something odd. There is something yellow protruding out of the snow. What could it be? The Yellow Book! I just could not help but laugh as I begin to think “Why do we keep getting these things and where do they come from?” I mean who uses the phonebook anymore. If ever I need to find something, someone, or someplace I always Google it.

Just the other day, my wife showed me a neat trick. You can send a text message from Google to get phone numbers. Still businesses spend thousands of dollars on a phone book ad for non-trackable results. A business owner is led to believe that everytime their phone rings it's because they have a listing in the phone book. Something must be done to fix this situation. Business owners need to be educated regarding how to have marketing efforts that are quantifiable, not to mention that they need to be shown the power of marketing via the internet. But before I tackle that I must find out what that Yellow book is used for.

If you would heave told people in 2000 that literary giant Barnes & Noble would be on the verge of bankruptcy, they probably would have laughed in your face. No one could've predicted the profound success of Internet juggernaut Amazon. Another company adversely effected by the Internet is that of the Bell family, as hardly anyone relies on a home phone service or those quaint, little yellow books anymore.

The yellow pages were once such an intricate part of society that it's hard to believe they've become completely irrelevant. People searching for the name and number of a business are far more likely to use a Google search than the antiquated phonebook. This dependence upon search engines quickly led to competition for the top spots in Google's index. If one pizzeria is New York City comes up first in Google's search results for "Pizza in NYC", it's far more likely to draw in new customers than a pizzeria that's ranked one hundredth by Google. 

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