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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on May 10, 2016

Like many organizations, you be struggling with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Since search engines like Google are always adapting and becoming smarter, it's imperative your web pages continue to improve as well. Getting higher organic rankings is a goal within your reach if your business begins to apply some SEO best practices. Review our slideshare below to see where your website needs a touch-up. 


Key Takeaways:

  • More and more individuals are searching for answers on their mobile devices, so your pages need to be mobile-friendly to gain better SEO results.
  • SEO focuses on content, which means you need a commanding blog on your website. By adding pages to your business blog, you're establishing yourself as an industry thought leader, which will improve your organic search ranking. The improvement is especially the case if other credible sites are also linking to your blogs. Try adding premium content like a video to your blogs and pages to gain higher SEO.
  • Using a tool like Google Analytics or HubSpot Keywords allows you successfully track your SEO efforts. Use keywords these tools recommend, like those with a high search volume and low competition. These tools also allow you to measure where traffic comes from, keep striving to improve organic page visits, and set smart goals.
  • When all else fails, remember that inbound marketing is a pay-to-play world. Although the #1 organic ranking is the 'Holy Grail' of SEO, and where you should always strive to be, your website will gain more clicks on the paid advertising area than if you're way back on the pages of a Google search. If you're in a hurry to gain more views, consider strategic paid advertising on Google.

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