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Emily Neier
by Emily Neier
on December 17, 2018

The start of a new year can feel like the start of a race: you’re ready to jump right in with renewed energy and attack all your new plans and ideas. But we’re running a marathon—or maybe for some it feels like a triathlon—so we’ve got to sustain the momentum or risk burning out too quickly.

But you wouldn’t run a marathon without the right training and gear, so meet your company’s ambitious goals with the same. The 2019 starting line is just around the corner, so what can you do to fine tune your sales enablement strategy to excel in the new year?

Automate the Sales Process

We can ask computers to do a lot of things now, so why are 27% of salespeople still spending an hour or more a day on data entry? In 2019, expect effective sales enablement to include even more computing done by, well, computers, and more selling by the sales team.

Data Entry

Your CRM should be able to track and store as many interactions as possible that your customers have with your company online. Application programing interfaces, or API, have led to powerful connections between platforms and software, one being the capability of connecting your CRM to pull in data from other services you use. In many cases, depending on the CRM and the other software, there’s a tested, certified integration for applications that requires no coding knowledge to install.


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Lead Scoring and Lead Qualification

With all that data coming into your CRM from your website, social media, and other platforms like MailChimp, Eventbrite, and more, your CRM should have the means to calculate lead scores and qualify leads so your sales team knows who to follow up with.

HubSpot’s Enterprise Suite has predictive lead scoring that combines your data, machine learning, and HubSpot’s data insights to accurately prioritize leads for your sales team.

Additionally, you can use artificial intelligence (AI) with chatbots to qualify leads, handing them off to a sales rep when the bot has qualified the lead as a good fit. HubSpot’s lead qualification bots can be added to your website to work around the clock for you and your team.

Connect Your Sales Team

Once your sales team is no longer bogged down by the work your CRM can do, they can start having more meaningful conversations with your qualified leads.

Connect with Leads Quickly

In 2019, expect to decrease response time to your leads to stay ahead of the game. Harvard Business Review established in 2011 that businesses who respond to leads within an hour were seven times more likely to qualify a lead than those who responded two hours later, and sixty times more likely than those who waited an entire day to respond.

But despite this, Drift discovered in their lead response report conducted in April 2018, that 90% of the B2B businesses they contacted failed to respond within five minutes, and 58% didn’t respond within five business days.

Connecting with leads quickly will be the key to sales enablement in 2019. Since prospects are reaching out all over the web, it’s difficult to keep track of it all. A universal inbox, like the one offered through HubSpot, can route all those inquiries to one place the team can have access to, and respond in a timely manner.

Connect with New Tools and Ideas

When you start training for a marathon, you don’t start on day one by running the whole thing. Kick off a new sales enablement strategy with team training on the tools and methods in the strategy to set the team up for success.

Additionally, ensure every sales rep has access to the most updated information. A G-suite team drive can be organized and maintained, or HubSpot’s Sales Hub has a few options like Playbooks and the Document Center. Playbooks stores sale process and legacy information to help with consistency in the process and employee training, and the Document Center keeps information like pricing sheets and product specs. A cloud-based solution like these options gives access to everyone on the team and is easy to update and remove old documents.

Your sales enablement strategy needs the momentum run the whole 2019 race and put the power to sell back in your sales team’s hands. Interested in how ManoByte can help your business get ready, set, and grow in 2019? Click below to schedule a free growth consultation with us!

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