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by Brenda Stoltz
on July 9, 2018

Like most marketers, you’re faced with daunting challenges on a daily basis. Your webinars need more attendees. Your company demands more referrals. Not to mention you also crave a more engaged customer base.

One thing you might not thought of as a way to ignite a little motivation for your potential and future customers is the process of small $5 digital gifts. The concept is pretty simple, but it's a proven way to incentivize your prospects and customers to take small actions that can either move them to the next phase of the buyer's journey or encourage them to promote the product or service you provide.

That’s right, you can improve your conversions and build better relationships with your target audience by showing your appreciation with just 5 bucks.

Here’s why digital gifting can have such a big impact:

  • ● It helps grab a lead or customer’s attention.
  • ● Shows appreciate by you taking action on their behalf.
  • ● It allows for a simple and effective way to gain customer loyalty.

When starting a program like this, think beyond traditional gifting. Digital gifting is the sending of something of value to reward, incentivize, or make a connection with a contact. The value piece comes in the form of a quick e-gift card, prepaid card, or e-donation. And while digital gifting can be used around the holidays or a birthday, it doesn't matter the time you select as it's really about showing your target audience you appreciate their interest or investment in your business.

It’s no secret why marketing is so challenging today. The internet is crowded and noisy and your target audience is busy. That’s why when someone does something special for them, people take notice.

Smart B2B and B2C marketers have picked up on this trend that retailers have long since been cashing in on: people appreciate when they are rewarded for taking action. (Think of all that Kohl's cash and Old Navy Super Bucks you've used over the years) What today's savvy marketers have also found is that you can get very creative with these small incentives, and it often pairs very easy with a lot of what you are currently doing within your marketing and sales processes, anyway.

You can create fully automated gifting processes and doesn’t take long to set up and execute.

Although the cost of implementing a new marketing campaign can pose challenges, digital gifting platforms are available today to make the process convenient and affordable. Often times these platforms will have systems so you pay only for the cards that are redeemed.

Here are 5 ways you can add online gifts to your inbound marketing programs:

1. Webinar Effectiveness

Increase webinar attendance by sending a digital gift card to people who register. By offering a gift card, some companies report an increase in attendance by 30%, and the number of free trials and registrants for webinars has also been reported to increase.

2. Referrals

Every company wants referrals. To get them, you need referral partners. Whether you have referral partners or use your existing customer base, unexpected digital gifts can help motivate them.

For example, GTM Payroll Services offered its customers a two-tier referral program. For a referral, the person received a gift card to Panera. If the referral became a customer, the person received an even larger gift card from Amazon.

GTM's program was executed and tracked with marketing automation software. And the results were pretty notable with a 29% increase in referrals. The digital gifting program has become one of its top sources of qualified leads, and it also has a higher than average conversion rate.

3. Sales

This concept is not just for marketers, either, as sales representatives can use small digital gifts to help build rapport. If you offer free trials or demos, offering a gift card is an easy way to increase the number of people who are willing to take the time to actually do the demo.

Little incentives like these can also work as an ice breaker prior to a sales consultation. You can buy your prospect a cup of coffee for an in-person or phone meeting.

One of the hardest things to do in sales is jumpstart a stalled sales deal. With digital gifts, you can send a little something to attract attention instead of a regular email that easily gets ignored.

4. Product Reviews

One way to drive more leads today is to have current customers leave positive feedback about your product or service on a review site.

If you have a happy customer base, the problem is usually getting them to take the time to write the review. People are busy, after all. A small incentive tells them that you appreciate their time and effort for helping you out. (Just make sure you are familiar with FTC guidelines if you choose to do this. )


Want to know what you should do if you get a not-so-nice online review? Here are some tips.

5. Survey Respondents

Have you ever received a multi-page survey in your inbox but decided it wasn’t worth the effort? If you are sending surveys to your list, chances are others feel the same way. For each survey that doesn’t get filled out, good information to improve your product or service is lost.

To help curb this problem, you can offer a small gift to your respondents. That’s what wireless network provider, Xirrus, did. Instead of just sending a thank you, they used an automated process to send digital gifts to each respondent who provided feedback on products and services. Because of this effort, they received more customer feedback and better engagement as a result.

Before you put together your next marketing campaign, think about how a $5 e-gift card can help you. Better yet, think about how surprised (and impressed) your recipient will be when they open your email. Undoubtedly, it will be better than the other ones the inbox merely trying to sell something.


Brenda Stoltz is Marketing Manager at Rybbon. Rybbon puts the power of gifting to work for marketers and market researchers. Get started with Rybbon for free at https://www.rybbon.net/


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