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by Beth Jackson
on November 27, 2014

Google is one of the biggest web searching platforms out there. The algorithms they use in their web crawling programs are updated throughout the year. Some years they can undergo over 500 different updates, though most of them are not visible to the average user. Certain updates are significant and given designations such as Penguin and Panda. These major updates can have a serious impact on how sites are index and classified for searching purposes.


How significant the changes tend to be.

Depending on you developed your site, what tags and keyword densities you used, and how many original links you have, a major update can take your site from having a standing on the top ten search results for their keywords to dropping within the top ten pages of results. The algorithms are everything when it comes to how your page is processed. You use SEO, or search engine optimization, techniques when designing the content of your page to help improve traffic. Without proper traffic, internet marketing does not work well. Using pay per clicks banner services can only ensure so much traffic but they cannot remedy the effects that an update can have.


How to keep abreast of the algorithm changes from Google.

Google keeps an open log of their updates and it falls to whomever maintains the company's website and internet marketing to make note of them. When they make a major adjustment to the algorithm its important to update the site as needed if it impacted the natural traffic and search rankings of the site in a negative way. Some updates can actually help websites pick up in their search rankings. Just as you would not use the same style of marketing design that you did during the 80s, unless your company is retro themed, you don't want to just use the same old SEO techniques from year to year. As ever changing as the internet is, in a world where internet marketing is vital, so too does your strategy have to change.


What are the biggest aims of the Google algorithm changes.

The reason why Google changes their algorithm regularly, is in part, to help prevent people from using low brow techniques to boost their search ranking. Certain types of behind the scenes tagging and coding can manipulate the crawlers, the changes often help weed out more and more pages built to bolster what you could call junk sites. Sites that are poorly written and look like junk mail clutter the internet and can detract from valid sites that are more relevant to keywords. All web crawling programs, be it Google, Bing, or Yahoo, update regularly to try and keep ahead of spam marketers. Some keywords are more prone to the problem, such as the phrase “weight loss pills”. There are thousands if not millions of junk pages from companies trying to sell the next big things for loosing weight. Improving algorithms can help cut back on the preposterous and fake sites that may otherwise be knocking legitimate sites down in result findings.