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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on August 5, 2015

How do you take a so-called "boring" industry like taxes and make it feel modern, up to date, and sexy? That was exactly the challenge that ManoByte faced when we started to work with Acena Consulting, based in Simi Valley, CA. In this post, we'll take you through our process and explain what we did and how we did it.


When Randy Eickhoff first contacted us, we could see that there was a major disconnect between who he was and what his website was portraying. Randy is a cool, work hard / play hard kind of guy. His dated site just did not align with his personal style or what he wanted for his tax consultancy's brand. After a few calls during which we explained the process that we use to execute on inbound marketing initiatives, we started in on the three critical steps we use in every new project:

  1. Strategy & Discovery
  2. Setup and Development
  3. Ongoing Inbound Marketing Management

Strategy & Discovery

In the first phase of Strategy and Discovery, we documented Acena’s brand voice and style. During the phase, we learned that Randy was a Surfer and Lifeguard coach.


We used this information to redesign the company's logo since it would not have made sense to slap his old logo on a new sleek site. The inspiration of the logo came from Randy’s surfing enthusiasm. It also has a bit of a Star Trek reference; another thing Randy enjoys. Notice the before and after difference.


Acena Consulting Old Logo Acena Consulting New Logo

During the Strategy and Discovery phase, we also created a brand style guide and dictates colors, fonts, and image use. This guide is something that we create for every client. Included in the style guide were website mockup showing what the homepage, inside pages, calls to actions, landing, pages, thank you pages, and email templates would look. Once the designs were all approved by the client, we were ready to begin the next phase of Setup and Development.

Setup and Development

It was interesting that Acena Consulting has been using HubSpot since 2010, and the had their website migrated into the COS previously. Still, there were some basics settings that needed to be cleaned up, and modified. We went through and updated the Page Publishing settings, Site Maps, Menus, and Colors and Fonts to ensure consistency throughout the site.


The next step was to develop templates using the HubSpot Design Manager. The website templates were built using a combination of the HubSpot Design Manager Template builder and custom HTML using Hubl code. When designing using both the templates using the Design Manager and customer HTML selecting a template made it possible for either option to be editable from the Site Page editor. This was important because we wanted the client to be able to create well design pages ad-hoc after the website was launched. The primary reason for using the custom HTML pages and Hubl was because we wanted to create tax calculators that would help engage prospects giving them a basic understanding of the range of savings that they could expect. 

When designing the templates we wanted to ensure that there was enough flexibility to provide options and enough structure that the site would always look great. So when you create a page, you are given several options that ensure that even a web novice could create a well-designed page.

The first section is the Page header. Any user who wants to create a page simply has to select a header image, Page header title, and Page header copy. The image is designed to resize to the appropriate height and width, and the text is placed over the image in the proper locations. 


The section in the editor that is customizable is the service section. Here the user adds the service header title, a sub header, an image, and a service description. The template was designed with multiple sections for the service information, so if they did not need to use all of the sections, users could simply leave those content sections blank and they would not render. Another WOW feature is that when a service image is uploaded, it automatically resizes the image and rounds the edges to match the website theme.

The site was designed with the Inbound Marketing Methodology in mind. Every page was designed to have at least one call-to-action on the page. At the bottom of every page, there is a section for adding a styled call-to-action. By having a place for a CTA header and subheader, each call-to-action section can be targeted.


The website was launched, transformed into a clean, mobile responsive site geared to deliver results.

Ongoing Inbound Marketing Management

We are now in an ongoing Inbound Marketing Campaign management phase with the client. What have the results been? Since we launched the site in November of 2014, we have seen a significant increase in the traffic that has been driven to the website. Additionally, we have helped the client get more leads in 9 months then they got in the previous three years.


The success that we have achieved with the Acena Consulting website has been indicative of the creative strengths of our team as well as our ability to innovate within the HubSpot platform, and we look forward to similar successes!

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