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Video Marketing

Three Reasons Businesses are Afraid to Take the Leap into Video

By Amy Post | October 14, 2016
Online video is creating a revolution in the way businesses approach marketing. For today's visually driven generation, video is a central part of media consumption, including the process of researching and purchasing new products. Today's consumer is engaged by dynamically presented information. Although the prevalence of video is easy to see in today's media, not all business owners and marketers are convinced it's time to take the first step with video marketing.

Video Marketing

How to Get Started with a Video Campaign

By Kevin Dean | October 12, 2016
When you think about video marketing, you may be familiar with the proven ROI and terminology, but you may not fully understand the power that is a video campaign. Viewers are becoming more and more accustomed to seeing videos in their everyday lives, but you need to know what it is that makes them so compelling to begin a successful video campaign. To start a video campaign, be aware of the following features, functions, and ideas outlined in this blog. Pay close attention to the following tips, so that you can create a video campaign that yields results and creates value -- instead of disconnected videos that fail to nurture and engage leads.

Video Marketing

Top Seven Biggest 2016 Trends in Video

By Amy Post | October 4, 2016
Video marketing is more than just a trend, it’s a marketing shift. Thanks to smartphone technology, user acceptance, and creative strategies that make online video content a destination, rather than a disruption, video is here to stay. The following trends are emerging as crucial strategies to use in your video marketing campaigns, as well as areas to watch in the coming year as you continue to develop your video marketing presence.

Video Marketing

The Live Streaming Competition Is On

By Megan Prangley | September 21, 2016
Imagine being able to transport yourself backstage with your favorite celebrity, like Ellen DeGeneres or Jimmy Fallon - you would be able to talk with them on the set in real-time and ask all of your burning questions. With live streaming apps like Periscope, Meerkat, and Facebook Live, this seemingly impossible feat is now right at your fingertips, or more accurately, in your App Store. Live streaming is still a very new concept for marketers, and there is a lot to consider before choosing which app is best for your audience. It's important to look beyond the trendiness and realize that investing time in these applications early can give you a serious advantage in the future.

Video Marketing

What Exactly is Video Marketing?

By Amy Post | August 23, 2016
Using compelling video content for your inbound marketing campaign can prove to be highly useful to invite new and established clients into joining your business culture. Video marketing is not a new concept, but it still lies in its infancy as a marketing tool because many organizations have yet not realized its utility for generating customer engagement and brand promotion. Videos have the potential to provide fantastic inbound marketing results as it strings together multiple elements into one.

Video Marketing

Why Video is Paramount to a Successful Marketing Campaign

By Kevin Dean | August 19, 2016
If you are currently marketing any product, service or brand online, you know that “content is king.” However, today you don’t need to limit your campaign to only written content with the occasional image. Video is becoming less of a curiosity and more of a “must-have” component of a quality content marketing campaign—why is this? We’ll discuss a few of the reasons, which could be all it takes to push you towards utilizing video as of your marketing regimen.

Video Marketing

6 Keys To An Effective Video

By Amy Post | August 19, 2016
Anyone who has ever noticed just how much content is uploaded to YouTube every day has probably gotten the impression that it is easy to make a compelling video. Conversely, anyone who trawls the archives to actually take a look at the bulk of that content will quickly realize that this is not the case. Making a video might technically be as easy as pulling out your phone and pressing record, but you’ll need to go about it with more finesse if you want to unlock the considerable potential of marketing videos. Here are 6 crucial things to keep in mind when working in this medium.

Video Marketing

Creating a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

By Amy Post | August 15, 2016
Why should your company's inbound marketing strategy include a well-considered video marketing strategy? The answer is simple: video has solidified its current position as the King of Content. And content, as you probably already know, is the central component to a successful inbound marketing strategy.