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Video Marketing

REPORT: What Video Marketing Will Mean for Businesses in 2017

By Amy Post | December 1, 2016
In 2016, we’ve seen a number of changes in how companies are marketing their businesses. From Facebook LIVE to Instagram Stories and SnapChat, one thing remains consistent - video is at the center of today’s successful marketing trends. And this is all with good reason, check out a few video marketing facts in this blog (Don’t want more facts? Click here to go right to the report.)

Video Marketing

Who do you want in front of the camera?

By Amy Post | November 3, 2016
Now that you're considering a professional video for your business, you may be wondering who should do the talking. Many of the people in your office may cringe at the thought of being in front of the camera, but you will likely find at least a few suitable candidates that can make your brand shine. Your video can be an important showpiece for your brand, leetting potential customers know who your company is, how you operate, and what they can expect, so it imperative to choose a person who can represent your brand well. When choosing your on-camera representative, keep the following characteristics in mind to put your best foot forward. 

Video Marketing

10 reasons why your business needs video

By Anna Noah | November 1, 2016
Leaders from virtually every industry are asking, "Why does my business need a video?" Or they're scoffing, "Isn't that just a fad?" Others are in denial, believing their target audience doesn't watch videos online. All of these concerns combined with the projected cost of a video campaign may have your head spinning. If any of this sounds like your organization, it's time for a serious wake-up call. Every business from the tiniest mom-and-pop shop down the street to huge enterprises such as Google need to have video content. Without high-quality videos your brand, leads, and sales are suffering. 

Video Marketing

The Best Video Editing Software

By Matt McCready | October 27, 2016
In today's day and age, we have come a long way from those massive camcorders and bulky splicing equipment to edit scenes. Because of cell phones, it's now easier than ever for enthusiasts to shoot high-quality videos in high-definition. But aside from the basic mobile phone editing applications, what are the best software options available today for editing video?

Video Marketing

How to Get Ideas for a Video Script

By Megan Prangley | October 27, 2016
So, here you are, interested in video marketing and implementing great content ideas in your strategy. You have decided a video is the vessel to get your message to a wider audience. Lights, camera, now what? What are you going to say? Maybe you were so excited to start shooting a video that you forgot the crucial step of writing a script. Or the task may seem so daunting that you keep procrastinating. 

Inbound Marketing

Need A Professional Video? You've Found The Right Place

By Amy Post | October 25, 2016
If you are a frequent visitor here on the ManoByte blog, you know we've been telling you A LOT about video lately. Reason being, in today's marketing landscape, video is the preferred method of content consumption. And because video is so popular, it serves as a critical component of a successful inbound marketing strategy.

Video Marketing

How Video Helps with SEO

By Amy Post | October 20, 2016
SEO has long been a staple of any Internet-based commerce – after all, if your customers can’t find you, they can’t possibly buy anything from you or grow more familiar with your brand. While there is plenty of software available to help you improve your text-based SEO efforts, that’s only one dimension of what should be a multi-faceted approach. Extending your SEO strategy in other ways will increase your website’s visibility and page rankings; one surprising way you could do this is through high-quality marketing videos.

Video Marketing

Why Businesses Today Need a Professional Video

By Amy Post | October 17, 2016
The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is a pretty common phrase. But if a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words is a professional business video worth? The answer is infinite. The fact is, most businesses have an ‘About Us’ section on their site that typically gives a brief explanation of the goods or service the business is providing as well as a brief company history -- but in today’s virtual and technologically-infused world, that simply doesn’t cut it.