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Video Marketing

How to Effectively Use Live Streaming in B2B Marketing

By Anna Noa | February 4, 2019
Concert ticket sales hit an all time high in 2018 reaching over $2.2 billion in global revenue. The projected worth of the augmented and virtual reality industry in the next five years is over $60 billion. Needless to say, people love to be entertained by live, interactive experiences. And when it comes to B2B communication, this principle is no different.

Video Marketing

Our Fancy New Youtube Channel

By Amy Post | October 13, 2017
Happy Friday! Like most of us, we know you'll be basking in all that is the fall season this weekend, grabbing your slippers and a blanket and watching a little YouTube. Here in West Michigan, it's expected to rain all weekend, so it's the perfect time to binge on some great video content. 

Content Marketing

Social Video Metrics that Really Matter

By Megan Prangley | May 30, 2017
Marketing and analysis go hand in hand like ying and yang, or peanut butter and jelly. Every step of your inbound process needs to be documented and analyzed to inform your next steps as a marketer. Otherwise, there's no way to know what works and what concretely doesn't work. Reporting the success metrics with things like email and content offers are clear; check who opened it, how many converted, etc. The metrics to determine the ROI and success of video marketing might not be as cut and dry, especially if you're new to using video in your business strategy.

Video Marketing

Why You Should Be Using Video To Recruit Top Talent

By Amy Post | May 26, 2017
Most business owners would agree that finding quality employees in today's competitive business market is a challenge. As people scan through job posting after job posting on Indeed or LinkedIn, it can seem difficult to find ways to set your company apart from the rest. But have no fear, we've found the tool that can help you do just that! And I'm sure you're not surprised to hear from us that this talent differentiator comes in the form of video. (We do LOVE all things video-related.)

Video Marketing

Don't Let LinkedIn Get Left Behind When it Comes to Video Marketing

By Allison Spooner | May 24, 2017
With all this talk about video and the best places to promote it to get the most ROI, somehow, one of the biggest networks for B2B marketers often gets skipped over. Everyone focuses on Facebook and Twitter, with LinkedIn getting left behind. This is surprising given that there are over 350 million users on LinkedIn. And while that’s not as many as Facebook or Twitter, those users are business-savvy professionals looking to make connections and learn about industries rather than look at pictures of puppies or your last vacation.

Video Marketing

The Long and Short of Video Length: How Long? How Short?

By Megan Prangley | May 18, 2017
When you sit down in a movie theater, you're expecting a full-length spectacular to accompany your buttery popcorn and boxed candy. Very few people would complain if popular movies, like Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for example, were longer, but that same desire does not apply to your business and marketing videos. When it comes to videos online, the shorter, the better. Keep reading for more about video length best practices in online marketing.

Inbound Marketing Tools

4 Reasons Why ManoByte Should Make Your Next Business Video

By Amy Post | May 17, 2017
As we’ve been telling you for a long time now, video is gaining more and more traction when it comes to effective inbound marketing strategies for businesses. It’s become a staple in the way your buyers learn how to fix their problems (Did you hear about that one lady who built an entire house by watching YouTube video tutorials? That’s our reality, my friends.) It only makes sense that now that you’ve realized the importance of video, you want to be sure you are partnering with the right video production team to create professional videos that are going to resonate with your audience. We know there are a lot of video production services available out there, but here’s what makes ManoByte different:

Video Marketing

7 Engaging Types of Business Videos

By Megan Prangley | May 12, 2017
Think the only kind of videos your business can use are sentimental "about us" videos -- think again! Now, don't get me wrong, there's a time and a place for a thoughtfully crafted company culture video, but it's not your sole option. Not sure what kind of video I'm talking about? "About us" videos are arguably the most common type of corporate video content and look similar to the example below: