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HubSpot's Latest Video Features: What You Need to Know

By Emily Neier | November 9, 2018
Video—it’s a necessary marketing (and sales, and service) tool in the digital age. It’s a tool that, as technology advances, has certainly become easier and less expensive to produce. Then why does video still seem so hard? The truth is, watching a video is a passive experience for viewers, even though some of our most engaging content as marketers is video. With video, it’s difficult to measure real results outside view analytics. Creating a clear, measurable link between video views and action taken by viewers is difficult, and when measuring the results isn’t so cut and dry, you might find yourself and your team wondering if it’s really worth the investment.


How Video Can Help With Employee Recruitment

By Anna Noa | July 12, 2018
We’ve talked to you about the importance of video within your marketing strategies time and time again, and even if we’re sounding like a broken record, we still encourage you to utilize video whenever possible for your marketing, sales, and customer experience processes. The reason we are so adamant on this is because video content resonates best with today’s digital audiences, and that’s not just for sales and marketing, either. It’s also is a necessary element for your talent recruitment process. Recruiting agencies are now reporting 800% more engagement with job postings that have video embedded. And in today’s highly competitive job market, most organizations can’t afford to be put a step behind all those video-friendly job postings.


5 Unexpected Ways Your Website Can Generate Leads

By Allison Spooner | June 21, 2017
Many manufacturing companies today still don't see the value their website presents for business growth. Websites and social media are often viewed as marketing techniques for popular brands or consumer-driven products. But if you’re a manufacturing company who isn’t utilizing an inbound-leveraged website, you’re missing out.

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Why You Should Be Using Video To Recruit Top Talent

By Amy Post | May 26, 2017
Most business owners would agree that finding quality employees in today's competitive business market is a challenge. As people scan through job posting after job posting on Indeed or LinkedIn, it can seem difficult to find ways to set your company apart from the rest. But have no fear, we've found the tool that can help you do just that! And I'm sure you're not surprised to hear from us that this talent differentiator comes in the form of video. (We do LOVE all things video-related.)

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4 Reasons Why ManoByte Should Make Your Next Business Video

By Amy Post | May 17, 2017
As we’ve been telling you for a long time now, video is gaining more and more traction when it comes to effective inbound marketing strategies for businesses. It’s become a staple in the way your buyers learn how to fix their problems (Did you hear about that one lady who built an entire house by watching YouTube video tutorials? That’s our reality, my friends.) It only makes sense that now that you’ve realized the importance of video, you want to be sure you are partnering with the right video production team to create professional videos that are going to resonate with your audience. We know there are a lot of video production services available out there, but here’s what makes ManoByte different:

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How To Promote Your Video (And To Who)

By Allison Spooner | May 5, 2017
While it probably feels like a CD skipping given how much we talk about video (does talking about CDs make us old?) we’re going to keep talking about it and how you can utilize to grow your business. Because hey, we like you. Once you’ve accepted how big a part video can play in the growth of your business, you might find yourself struggling with the specifics, like how to promote it and to who.

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Why Everyone is Obsessed With Live Video

By Allison Spooner | April 20, 2017
If you’re on Facebook, you probably can’t get through a browse sesh without seeing a notification that someone is going live. Whether it’s a celeb taking you with them to get their morning coffee or your best friend showing off their favorite restaurant, live video is here, and users are obsessed.

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Top Seven Biggest 2016 Trends in Video

By Amy Post | October 4, 2016
Video marketing is more than just a trend, it’s a marketing shift. Thanks to smartphone technology, user acceptance, and creative strategies that make online video content a destination, rather than a disruption, video is here to stay. The following trends are emerging as crucial strategies to use in your video marketing campaigns, as well as areas to watch in the coming year as you continue to develop your video marketing presence.