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Trade Show Marketing

Top Offline Trade Show Promotional Activities

By Amy Post | May 3, 2016
Marketing today has a primary focus on what businesses do online -- from inbound marketing to social media, the most successful marketing efforts focus on the internet. And here at ManoByte, we obviously know those online methods are the most effective way to market a business. With that being said, we still support other efforts and offline activities that can help support the business’s overall marketing goals. And trade shows are a great way to create these additional marketing opportunities.

Trade Show Marketing

Maximizing Mobile for Your Trade Show Strategy

By Gillian | April 26, 2016
Once upon a time, you could show up at a trade show with a stack of business cards, a pile of brochures, and your best sales reps and make it a worthwhile week. But things have changed.

Trade Show Marketing

How to Simplify Your Trade Show Set-up

By Amy Post | April 20, 2016
You're gearing up for that big trade show you've paid a pretty penny to be a part of, and you want to be sure your investment into the show is worth it this time. Of course, your booth space is one of the first things you'll be planning out. You'll need to evaluate what giveaways you'll have, how you'll be leveraging social media during the show, which logo and product banners you'll need, the table coverings you'll use, as well as any A/V or interactive elements you need to display your products or services. It's a lot of work, that's for sure!

Trade Show Marketing

How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Trade Show Appearance

By Katy Allaire | March 28, 2016
Despite the explosion of social media and online connection possibilities, trade shows have continued to prove successful in fostering relationships, building new connections, and generating leads. This proves that while social media has grown, there is still a need in business for face-to-face connections. Either way, both social media and trade shows can be beneficial to your business. Combining a social media strategy with your upcoming trade show schedule will further drive success for your brand.

Trade Show Marketing

How to Include Technology in Your Trade Show Marketing Plan

By Gillian | March 17, 2016
Trade show booths are expensive, but they can be a worthwhile investment when they’re done right. In 2018, one of the most important things you need to consider when you’re planning out a trade show booth is the technology that will propel your trade show efforts to the next level. 

Trade Show Marketing

5 Trade Show Follow Up Email Mistakes You're Making

By Gillian | March 14, 2016
Your trade show is finally over. After months of preparation and gallons of hand sanitizer, you are finally back in  your office, in the chair that has a permanent imprint of your butt, with the keyboard where you left all those cookie crumbs that you were saving for later. Time to sit back, put your feet up, and wait for those sales to come rolling in. Right?

Trade Show Marketing

5 Trade Show Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

By Amy Post | March 7, 2016
Although inbound marketing has caused a dramatic shift in the way most businesses do marketing today, one more traditional marketing method remains – and is gaining – in its popularity, and that’s the trade show. Over 27-million people walk into the doors of a trade show hoping to get a first-hand look and maybe even some pricing information from companies that can help them with seemingly anything from events like Inbound, ConEx, and Dreamforce, trade show marketing obviously has some serious staying power.

Trade Show Marketing

How to Write the Perfect Trade Show Follow-Up Email

By Amy Post | March 2, 2016
  Trade shows: they’re all about generating interest and leads for your company. But you know what ends up happening to a lot of businesses? The experience doesn’t become as successful as it could be – and that’s not because your team didn’t rock their networking skills during the show - but because your trade show follow-up process just... well, it stinks.