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Social Media Strategy

5 Best Paid Advertising Channels on Social

By Emily Neier | November 2, 2018
Pew Research Center published findings earlier this year that—to no surprise—social media use among adults in the United States is rising. So in the never-ending quest for the most personalized user experience, it’s a no-brainer that companies should have social media accounts to connect with their customers. But what about paid advertising on social channels? Since social accounts are free for everyone, is it worthwhile to invest in paid social ads? If you’re looking to increase lead generation and target a highly specific audience, the answer is yes, it is more than worthwhile to invest in paid social ads. Social media ad managers have plenty of customizable options to get the right ad to the right audience at the right time.

Social Media Strategy

5 Tips for Doing Social Media for B2B in 2018

By Amy Post | August 31, 2018
For those of us who’ve watched social media’s influence over B2B companies shift over the years, you know it’s something that’s always changing. As B2B marketers, we seem to always be looking for ways to “bob and weave,” so-to-speak, when it comes to getting messages out (and seen) for our audiences. Today, cutting through the noise is increasingly more challenging as social networks continue to make algorithm changes that focus on selling ads and making content more personal rather than business-related.

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How Many Hashtags Should I Use?

By Shawn Persons | February 1, 2017
Oh the glorious world of hashtags, many of us have a serious love/hate relationship with them. You can love them for their ability to link information to appeal to a larger audience, or you can hate them like people who always use bad grammar over text. But whether you love or hate them, one thing is for sure, that little ‘#,' has certainly come a long way from being nothing more than a key on a phone or typewriter. (It’s okay to Google those pieces of now ancient technology if needed.)

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Sponsored Posts: Where Money Matters on Social Media

By Katy Allaire | January 27, 2016
Social media is an excellent, free tool for companies to use as a method of promoting their brand and targeting their message. Given the audience it can reach, many networks have provided additional marketing tools brands can use to further expand their social media influence. Companies can purchase sponsored posts and work similarly to a television commercial, where the posts show through the feed of a social network. Each social network has its own method to sponsored posts and requires a different strategy for individual networks.


What Facebook Algorithm Updates Mean for Your Social Strategy

By Katy Allaire | October 1, 2015
Social media platforms are continuously seeking ways to make networks more user-friendly. This can sometimes result in changes that require a shift in a brand's online marketing strategy. Facebook is notorious for updating its website to give users a better experience. Unfortunately, for many business and companies using Facebook as a way to market to consumers, these changes have a less than desirable effect on reaching their Facebook audience.

Social Media Marketing

The 5 C's of Social Media

By Kevin Dean | November 28, 2011
   This blog is good, but we'll be honest, it's kinda old. So, we updated it and made a new version that you can get to right here. Enjoy!   Starting a social media account for your business from scratch can be a daunting task, riddled with potential pitfalls. Whether you're a large organization or a start-up, using social media to reach potential clients and share your content is a must-do in today's digital world. Without social media, you may appear behind on the times and untrustworthy to potential customers. Here are The Five C's of Social Media Marketing that you will need to consider in all of your consumer engagement initiatives. 

Social Media Strategy

Why Some Think Social Media is Bananas

By Kevin Dean | October 31, 2011
Organizations have spent hundreds of thousand of dollars in efforts to leverage social media. The problem is not the amount of money that they have spent, but what they are spending the money on. Many Executives have said, “I don’t understand the technology” so they think that spending money on technology will be the answer to their problems. This only leads to disappointment and failed social technology projects.

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Who is your Social Customer?

By Kevin Dean | October 24, 2011
A common complaint that we hear from marketing leaders is that they do not have enough time or resources to devout to social media engagement. When digging deeper we find that they often times lack focus in who they are trying to engage. They do not know who their social customer is? Ask yourself who is my social customer? By understanding who your social customer is, you will be able to manage you time and resources better and in addition be more effective in motivating consumers to act. Your Social Customer is not a list of everyone that follows you. It is likely that not everyone who has “liked” you, “followed” you, “listed” you or added you to your “stream” is you social customer. So you will need to weed out and identify who really are your social customers. In addition many of your potential social customers are not currently engaging with you. So how do you identify your social customers? There are several ways to identify your social customer. One way is to search for individuals who are discussing ancillary or adjacent products. For instance if you sell mountain bikes, search for people talking about cycling shoes. Another way to identify you social customer is to search for people discussing locations where your product will be used. If someone checks into a restaurant located in a ski resort they are likely to be a candidate to be include on your social customer list if you sell skis. These are just two simple approaches to identifying your social customer, there are many more complicated was to identify your social customer. How does know your social customer save you time and resources? By knowing you social customer and their behaviors you will be able to spend less time messaging to people who are never going to be a customer. You will then be able to spend more time communicating the value of your product and service to your real social customers.   Related articles   Kevin Dean, Chief Social Strategist CrushIQ | kevindean@crushiq.com Author of Social Strategy Maps Twitter : @kevinjdean Related articles Social Strategy Map Perspectives (crushiq.com)