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Selling to Facilities Managers

The 6 Biggest Pain Points for Facility Managers

By Amy Post | August 3, 2017
  If you sell a product or service to facility or operational managers, you need to learn about what problems keep them up at night. What is it they care about so your company can be a resource that helps solve the problem they are experiencing?

Marketing Tips

5 Essential Tips For Selling to Facility Managers

By Amy Post | June 16, 2017
If you sell to facility or building managers, you may already know there’s a bit of a “science” with how these individuals make purchasing decisions. You can’t just pop a proposal down and hope they’re going to pick you, especially if you know you aren't the cheapest player in the game. You have to hit a few key pain-points and establish some proven value before they’ll sign on that dotted line.

B2B Marketing

Education is Fundamental: Selling to Facilities Managers

By Gillian | April 29, 2015
For many contractors and manufacturers, being able to sell a facilities manager on their services efficiently would have a major impact on their bottom line. A facilities manager, after all, can be in a decision-making capacity for many different facets of their buildings, and indeed bay have purchasing power for huge systems of buildings. When you can become a trusted vendor, it makes all the difference. But as you probably know, a facilities manager is not always the easiest nut to crack. If you want to know how you can get on the right level - and in the right mindset - to sell to facilities managers, keep reading.

Inbound Marketing

Cheap vs. Affordable: Selling Lifecycle Cost to Facilities Managers

By Gillian | December 18, 2014
When you're in the sales world, no matter how long you've been in the game, you're never going to get away from cost. You could be on a sales call with Bill Gates and still find that the conversation comes down to -- how much does it cost? And facilities managers are certainly no exception. With multiple buildings, employees, and ever-diminishing budgets, facilities managers are not going to let you gloss over the cost of your building services or products. If you want to sell to a facilities manager effectively, you need to know how to address the cost question (assuming you aren't offering the cheapest option, which we'll assume you're not). You might just find your answer in lifecycle cost.