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Medical Marketing Tips: Is the HubSpot CRM a Good Fit for Medical Sales?

By Amy Post | November 8, 2017
The one thing that remains the case across all medical and healthcare sales reps we talk to is the need for ways they can enhance their productivity and timing to land the meeting with the busy medical professional they’re trying to sell to. One of the first questions we ask these people is, “are you using a CRM to manage your leads and opportunities?” Unfortunately, the responses we commonly hear to that question are “No” or, “We’d like to, we just haven’t done it yet.”


How to Measure Medical Marketing Effectiveness

By Amy Post | October 27, 2017
In this blog, you’ll learn all about: 1. Why the medical marketing efforts you do now aren’t working. 2. The important difference in approaches to medical marketing today 3. How to measure the effectiveness of inbound medical marketing 4. Tips to help you get started

Social Media

5 Social Media Tips to Attract the Attention of Medical Professionals

By Amy Post | September 14, 2017
 Social media is the #1 activity of all online users - making it the most desired location for access to information, resources, news, and recommendations. And while many thought word-of-mouth chatter between medical professionals would be the mainstay in this highly regulated space for years to come, the game has shifted, with more and more physicians also turning to social media to gain access to the medical products and information they need. But much like a lot of things in inbound marketing today, space is getting crowded, making it more challenging to get your posts to the top of the news feeds.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Medical Marketing Tips: Leveraging HubSpot & Inbound for Healthcare

By Amy Post | September 6, 2017
Why use Inbound for Medical Marketing? (The quick breakdown) 1. It provides data you can use to close medical sales faster. 2. It automates your processes, creating more time to focus on business growth and strategies. 3. Combined with HubSpot, all medical marketing and sales efforts can be tracked and leveraged more effectively. 4. It's more effective than traditional medical sales efforts like cold calling and buying lead lists.

Sales Enablement

How to Navigate Sales Meetings With Medical Professionals

By Amy Post | August 30, 2017
Congratulations! You’ve landed that one-on-one meeting with the decision-maker or lead physician at that medical clinic or hospital you’ve been waiting months and months to book. It’s a massive opportunity that you don’t want to lose, so you’ve got to make sure you nail it and win the business.